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About League of Moms

League of Moms is the ultimate directory of services vetted by moms (A.K.A the League), for moms!  On this site you will find services to help you during pregnancy and birth, for your newborn through to your toddler.   The best part is that all the services are reviewed by real moms just like you; who better to trust than other moms who also want the best for themselves and their little ones. With the support of the League, you’ll be equipped to make the best decisions for you and your family.  Want to help other moms? Join The League and share your experiences on the services you have used.


About Ronit Soroksky, Founder

After having my son in July 2015, I decided to hire a baby photographer which I unfortunately had a negative experience with – that was my ‘lightbulb moment”! I wished I had some feedback from other moms on this specific photographer and so many other service providers that I blindly trusted.  With that spark of inspiration I created League of Moms, this is a site for moms to share their honest reviews and information.   It’s only as strong as your reviews – so please take the time to help your fellow League members!  Have some thoughts on how League of Moms can better serve moms? Contact us here

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