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A sleep consultant for the modern mom: science based, no nap jail and no fuss! Amanda's gentle, mama-intuative methods means your baby will sleep like a dream in 3 days or less (in most cases). Amanda is a mom of two young girls, certified sleep consultant, and trained educator. Amanda's humorous approach, warm manner and commitment to the entire family are the reasons her client's continue to recommend her services.

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Posted : Aug 2018
Posted By: Sara Morgan

Amanda is extremely supportive on your journey to helping your children get the sleep they need. She is there to support, encourage and hold you while you help teach your children the important life skill of being able to fall asleep and stay asleep. It can start off tough and emotional, but VERY quickly you will see the results thanks to Amanda's support and belief in the power of the program. We used Amanda to help teach our second son to sleep around 4 months and it was the best investment for both him and for us. He goes to bed EVERY night / nap awake and happy and is asleep within minutes. Thanks to Amanda we are all happier and less sleep deprived. I would highly recommend her as your sleep consultant (and have done so to many other parents!)

Posted : Aug 2018
Posted By: Rachel Cohen

Amanda gave me my nights back! My son was being fed twice throughout the night and was waking up even more than that. She developed a personalized plan for us and helped us execute. My son now sleeps 12 hours a night and is on a great daytime nap schedule too!

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