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Mommy Connections weekly classes and events provide a valuable learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your child and other moms in a social environment. Each week’s class features a discussion lead by a local parenting expert followed by a fun activity for mom and baby. There are weekly door prizes, a free swag bag, as well as a complimentary photo shoot of mom & baby. Mom to Be and Parent & Tot programming also available. 12 locations to choose from across the GTA!

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Posted : Jun 2019
Posted By: Nadine A

I took their mom and baby class when my baby was between two and four months old and it was the best thing I've done so far! I love how they really encourage you to get to know each other and make new mom friends. The best part was going out for lunch and beer after every class at a nearby firkin. Our class organizer Karen made the reservation every week which made it easy for us to say yes! I also loved how it was a sampling of other available classes. There are so many things included for the price, for instance we had a photography session with a baby photographer and all ended up with a beautiful photos of ourselves with our little ones. Met so many wonderful other moms and we have continued to meet up, even taking another class together. Highly recommend!!

Posted : Apr 2018
Posted By: Sabrina Vieira

I took a CPR course through Mommy Connections when my first born was an infant. I used to be a lifeguard in my early twenties (before kids!) and I taught first aid/CPR, so I thought this would just be a refresher for me, but I learned so much new information specific to infants and kids, and also learned that several of the techniques had changed. I took it with my husband, and would highly recommend that all caregivers to your children take this essential training! The trainer was highly engaging and super knowledgeable - she used a paramedic! A must for all new parents...and a good refresher for subsequent babies!

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