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well&tight is on a mission to help you become your best potential self. We are a dedicated in person and online community focused on helping each other achieve long term wellness, fitness and vitality goals. Our hard-working nutrition, training (BARRE, HIIT, Yoga) and vitality programs (Gut and Hormone Health), dedicated community support and weekly training sessions ensure everyone is successful. Try a class for free today. Contact us for details and a full schedule of our current schedule.

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Posted : Nov 2017
Posted By: Cortney Hughes

I can't say enough about well&tight - it changed my body and my life. It's not just a "workout class" it's a community of people that support you, challenge you and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. As a new mom, I was looking for a way to find "me" again after my son was born, well&tight helped me do that and so much more. It was by far one of my favourite parts of maternity leave. Now that I am back to work I have continued with the w&t programs, but without baby in tow! It's become a lifestyle. Just say YES to this. You will NOT regret it.

Posted : Nov 2017
Posted By: Kelly Grennier

What can I say - 5 stars well deserved!!!! As a first time mom, things (everything) can seem overwhelming... including getting back to ME both mentally/physically (which usually gets put on the back burner am I right)... but with the help of well&tight's mom&babe HIIT classes + easy to follow nutrition plan I was able to set realistic goals & get back to ME in no time! Things I love about their sessions 1) the instructors teach each class with a while lot of heart (they are also mammas btw! Talk about inspiring) 2) The fact that I don't have to arrange childcare - my babe is safe - right by my side! 3) The music is on point - can't get enough! 4) The mom community is unreal - so down to earth 5) Every week is a different workout - always keeping us challenged.. need I say more?!! Do yourself a huge favour - give it a try! I hear the first time is free! :)

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