Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

We know you never imagined having to host a virtual baby shower, but here with parties still a no-no, we’ve got all the virtual baby shower ideas for you! Whether you are hosting for yourself or for a dear friend, you’ll want to make it as special and as painless as you can even with technology challenged relatives.

Zoom Baby Shower

You can Zoom for work, girls’ nights and now time to add baby showers to the list. COVID aside, this is a great way to include friends and family who live far away. Here are the things to consider when hosting a virtual baby shower on Zoom; you might want to have someone on point for tech support (more on this below), and consider if a big Zoom party or small more intimate party is the way to go.

Facebook Baby Shower

Not everyone is a fan of Zoom, so another option is a Facebook event. You can set up a Facebook event for a whole day or whole weekend and guests can pop on anytime during the set time. Create excitement and engagement by posting videos and photos ie have the parents-to-be post a welcome video, videos to enable games, baby pictures of the parents to be and of course a thank you video at the end.

Prerecorded Videos and Letters

If a live virtual baby shower is not the expectant parent’s idea of fun, another option is having friends and family submit videos of well wishes and messages to the baby, you can use this easy to use application Vidhug which collects and edits the videos together to make it easy for the host and a nice keepsake for the parents to be. Another idea is to have everyone write letters to the new baby and as a host, you can create a beautiful photobook for the parents to be. We share our favourite photobooks here.

All the Details: no matter the type of virtual baby shower you plan to host, you’ll want to consider the following.

1 – Tech Support – Aunty Norma or Grandma may not use Zoom regularly or ever. If you are hosting a larger baby shower, it may be useful to have a tech-savvy friend who can take on the tech support role because you don’t want tech issues to ruin a virtual party. Your tech support person can be the main point person if anyone has trouble accessing the shower and to keep an eye on the participant list keeping guests muted if there is any background noise. Include on your invite, the contact info for your tech person to let guests know who to reach out to with any issues.

2 – One on One Time – large virtual baby showers can feel a bit impersonal for some moms and guests. If one on one time with your guests is important to you/the parents to be, this may be a great option. If you are hoping to do something like this, you can send out an invitation with 10 to 15-minute time slots for your guests with the zoom link. You can also opt to do small groups as well, if you have a group of high school pals that all know each other or an extended family group you can bring them together for a call. This way you can chat with a small group and it can be less daunting than hosting 40+ people on a call. It can also be much more intimate and allow the guest of honour to open gifts from the people on the call.  It will still be helpful to have a tech support friend or family member to assist guests with getting on for their scheduled time and letting everyone know when it is time to say goodbye (so the mom-to-be doesn’t have to be the bad guy).

3 – Gifts

If you do opt for a virtual baby shower, friends and family are still going to want to spoil mama! On your invite, you can include one or two drop off options for guests. Some easy places to register include Babylist, Amazon, Babies R’ Us, West Coast Kids. If it’s your shower and you are wondering what you really need, check out our recommended list here.

4 – Favours

While you haven’t to do favours, it’s a nice touch and here are are some of our favourite virtual baby shower ideas for favours; baby-themed cookies or doughnuts, small bottles of champagne, bath bombs and soap, preserves, socks, or a donation in honour of your guest. A donation works especially well for guests living further away.

5 – Food

If you want to take your virtual baby shower to the next level, you can include food by sending guests a little package in advance of the day. We love the idea of tea and cookies package, or budget is no concern, go all out with a charcuterie board. Another option is to provide everyone with a giftcard for UberEats, a grocery store or Tim Hortons so they can get have something on hand to enjoy during the party.

6 – Games

Luckily you will be spared everyone’s favourite ‘dirty diaper’ game during your virtual baby shower, but here are some virtual baby shower game ideas to make it a fun event whether a live Zoom event, or a Facebook event. If you are planning games during your Facebook event then make sure to let your guests know when to submit their answers in order to have their answers count towards any prizes you might be planning.

Guess the age – post photos of the parents to be and ask guests to guess their age in each photo.

Charades – mom and dad will play a game of charades and guests have to comment what they think mom or dad is doing. Some ideas include pumping milk, introducing baby, contractions, taking a pregnancy test or packing up a stroller.

Baby Pool – A baby shower classic where you ask guests to comment on what they think the baby’s sex will be, date of birth, time, weight and length.

Nursery Tour – Since you likely won’t be able to see many of your guests in person, the nursery tour gives an inside look into where baby will be staying when you bring them home. You can do this live or film a video to post or share during your party.

Guess the bump size – Guests will comment their guess below in inches.

While this may not be the virtual baby shower you (or your friend) imagined, it will be a memorable one!

League of Moms / 03/22/2021

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