Top Activities for Kids (According to Moms)

With two weeks under our belts, we reached out to the League of Moms community to find out what their favourite easy activities are for keeping their young kids (2-7 years olds) busy!

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1 – Paint by Stickers was suggested by several moms! One mom mentioned that the robot version is easy for younger kids ie 4 years old. All moms said that these kept their kids busy!

2 – Melissa & Doug reusable stickers are a bit hit with 2.5 years olds and up!

3 – Another from Melissa & Doug are these Paint with Water Art Pads, these are great for painting without a mess! Sign me up! Many moms also suggested these Water Wow pads but I personally don’t love these as I found they leaked water easily if you forget to empty them.

Note: If you are interested in Melissa & Doug products they currently have an offer for 15% off on arts & crafts products with code GETARTSY.

4 – This doodle mat looks epic and I am planning to pick one up for my kids mostly because it is mess-free!

5 – Melissa and Doug On the Go Scratch Art Color Reveal Pad are a hit with the kids. The League of Moms community suggested the reveal pads are best for younger kids, while the scratch pad is great for older kids!

Note: If you are interested in Melissa & Doug products they currently have an offer for 15% off on arts & crafts with code GETARTSY.

6 – Moms report that Crayola magic modelling clay is less messy but just as fun as playdoh! Are you sensing a clean theme to this post?

7 – Moms were divided on their love for Wiki Sticks, but there were enough moms that loved them so they earned a spot on the list. I haven’t tried them myself, but I am intrigued! Best for kids 5 years old and up.

8 – Stickers, stickers and lots of stickers for all ages! Let the 2-year-olds put it on paper and the older kids put them on you!

9 – Shrinky Dinks are really cool for the 4 and older crowd. You colour these plastic images, bake them and watch them shrink! You can buy key chain sets, jewellery sets, preset designs and even make your own designs!

10 – Melissa and Doug Lace & Trace Pets, these are a hit with many moms! If you don’t want to dish out the big bucks for these, you can make your own as I did. I used a hole punch on cut out construction paper or cardboard and gave my son a shoelace!

11 – Shapes Puzzle; my son got this as a gift and it has been a big hit! It’s good for 3 years old plus (according to the packaging). It has multiple shapes and design cards for kids to recreate those designs with the shapes. I can confirm that I also had fun with this one!

12 – Wireless Karaoke Microphone: You are either a karaoke family or you are not. If you are, read on! We have weekly karaoke sessions, if not daily and I like this microphone because it is easy to use, you can recharge it. It’s Bluetooth, so you can easily play songs from your phone.

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League of Moms / 03/30/2020

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