Top 8 Tips for Making Mom Friends

Are you a new mom? Do you want to make mom friends? Now that you’ve had your baby and you are feeling more confident about caring for a newborn you may be feeling the need to reach out! It may seem like an impossible task, especially in the times we are living in. But we have curated our top 8 tips to make mom friends. There are options that are COVID friendly, and not so COVID friendly in case you live in an area that is more open, or making a plan for when things do go back to normal!

  1. Join a Baby & Mom Workout Group

If you were a fan of working out and being an active pre-baby this is a great way to keep in shape and meet other like-minded mamas. The League of Moms Directory has a full section on Fitness for Moms with pre and post-natal options and a wide variety of fitness options including bootcamp, classes with baby, personal trainers, pilates, and yoga. Some of our favourites include Mommy and Baby Fitness Workout and Play to give you and your baby the opportunity to meet others, and Mighty Mom for pre and postnatal strength training in private or group training sessions with virtual options. 

  1.  Join a Mommy Group

It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Which group is right for me? Will I actually make friends? Organized mom groups are a great way to meet moms with kids of the same age and they are a chance to learn with weekly relevant parenting topics. Our favourite mommy group at League of Moms is Mommy Connections where you have the opportunity to learn and bond with other moms and babies. They locations all over Canada and they have been offering virtual programs when face to face isn’t allowed. They also have programs for moms-to-be, and mom and baby from 0 to 4 years old.

  1.  Your Neighbourhood Facebook Group

Many neighbourhoods have their own Facebook group and some even have ones specific for parents. We highly recommend posting in your neighbourhood groups to connect with other parents! While it might sound intimidating to put yourself out there in the form of a Facebook ISO request, it can really work, trust me! When I became a mom I literally posted an ‘ad’ on my local Facebook group to make mom friends and the results were amazing (if you don’t believe me I wrote about it here)!  I had a solid weekly crew that remain friends with to this day 5 years later.

  1. Join a Baby Class

A great way to meet mom friends is by joining a baby class. Check out what is happening locally and get involved with your little one(s). If you live in the GTA check out our League of Moms Directory for art classes, music classes, and developmental classes and be sure to spark a conversation with another mom at the group! It’s a win win; your baby has fun and learns, and you can meet new friends too. Many programs are being offered virtually right now and we suggest picking one that is in your neighbourhood so that when things do open back up, you’ll be able to continue in your group.

  1. Pick up Moms at the Park

This is not a joke. It can go something like this.

Scene: you and baby on the swings, next to another mom and baby.

You: Make a witty comment about kids and their love for swings.

Potential Mom Friend: Laughs.

You: How old is your kid? They are so cute!

Potential Mom Friend: Thanks! They are X years old. How old is your baby?

You: My baby is also X years old. Are they your first?

Potential Mom Friend: Yes, my first

You: Cool! My first too. If you live in the area, I would love to get your info if you are ever up for a walk.

New Mom Friend: Yes, I would love that! Always good to have moms to go on walks with.

You: Sweet!

Yes, it’s just that easy and I have done it. Maybe ask a few more questions before getting her number, but you get the point.

  1. Peanut App 

I know what you are thinking, there is an app for everything these days, but Peanut is an app just for moms. Peanut was created with you in mind and gives you the option to connect with women throughout your fertility and motherhood journey. Peanut gives you the option to chat, create group chats with other moms, join groups and a community to explore topics and posts about pregnancy and motherhood. If you are on your journey to conception, peanut also has a community for women who are trying to conceive. 

  1.  Prenatal Classes

You can take prenatal classes over a weekend or one over the course of several weeks. Either way, don’t be shy and talk up to the other couples to learn more about them and if it’s a fit, ask for a number or email to stay in touch. Usually, couples in the classes are having a baby around the same time as you. Our League of Moms Directory has multiple options for prenatal classes and you can also check out the hospital you are delivering with for another option.

  1. Start Your Own Group!

Take charge and start your own group! I had a DIY music group during my first and second mat leaves, I organized a workout group in the evenings after kids were in bed and I even hosted a mommy + me photos in my backyard with a photographer for moms in my neighbourhood. Post your intentions on Facebook or leverage word of mouth and before you know it you’ll have a crew!

Have any tips to add to the list? Let us know! You can also read about How to Rock Your Mat Leave.

League of Moms / 04/26/2021

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