This or That Motherhood Edition

We asked the League of Moms community about their experiences through pregnancy and birth. We have so many decisions to make in our journey to motherhood and beyond and we thought it would be interesting to share. We had over 350 women let us know the choices that they have made, where do you fit in?

The Road to Conception

Your journey starts the moment you decide you want to conceive or get pregnant by surprise. Did you and your partner make a calculated plan on when you want to conceive or was it a surprise? Sometimes even the best made plans don’t go according to… well plan. We asked moms if it took them less than six months or more than six months to conceive, 71% said it took them less than six months and 29% said it took them more than six months. 

Sharing the News with Your Partner

We asked moms (and moms to be) if they surprised their partner or found out together, 36% of women answered that they were able to keep the secret long enough to surprise their partner, while 64% said that they found out together. Either way, this was only the beginning and there are so many other exciting decisions to make along the way.

Pregnancy Care

In Canada we are lucky to have an option for care. Parents to be have the choice of either going with an OB or a Midwife. When we asked our community 70% answered OB, while 30% answered midwife. 

Baby Names

Even before you find out the sex of your baby you and your partner are likely testing out hundreds of baby names or making a list of special family names to consider. We asked our community if you were one to share baby names, or if you remained tight lipped throughout your pregnancy. 30% told us that they shared their baby names while 70% remained tight lipped on the name of their bundle of joy. 

Baby’s Sex

The next thing you will likely have to consider in your pregnancy is whether or not you are going to find out the sex of the baby. If you are a type A major planner, you may want to know just so you can prepare as much as possible, if you love surprises this is arguably the biggest surprise that life can give you. A whopping 72% found out the sex, while 28% opted to keep the sex a surprise!

Pregnancy Cravings 

Pregnancy affects all moms to be in different ways. This one isn’t a choice but rather your body’s response to pregnancy. We asked if you had lots of cravings (and some can be pretty bizarre) or if you had no cravings at all. This one was fairly evenly matched, 51% said they had lots of cravings while 49% said they had no cravings at all. 

Decisions About the Big Day

During your pregnancy it is up to you to decide your birth plan. Do you want a home birth or a birth centre/hospital birth? A small 4% of women said that they went with a home birth, while 96% chose a hospital or birthing centre. 

You will also have to decide if you want your birthing experience to include medication to ease the symptoms of labor or if you are going to opt for an unmedicated birth. 73% answered that they went with medication while 27% went the unmedicated route.

So what are the best choices you can make while pregnant? We aren’t going to tell you, because the good news is, every one of these options is up to you!

League of Moms / 03/09/2021

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