This or That Baby Edition

We asked the League of Moms community to chime on our edition of This or That for Baby. With over 250 participants, see what the community has to say about some common parenting decisions.

Diapers – cloth vs disposable?

You are going to spend a lot of $$ on diapers in the baby’s first year. While cloth diapers popularity is on the rise, our community still opted for disposables. Some research shows that kids in cloth diapers are out of diapers much more quickly than kids in disposables in part due to the motivation of the parents and in part because babies can feel the wetness more than in a disposable. If cloth is your jam, then check out these providers for cloth diapers cleaning services.

Sleep – co-sleep or don’t?

Like all parenting decisions, you do what’s right for you! When it comes to co-sleeping, there are conflicting opinions on the topic, but ultimately make sure you are as safe as possible ie don’t cosleep if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, no blankets that can accidentally cover baby’s face to restrict breathing and make sure everyone in the bed knows the baby is there. Whether cosleeping or not, a ton of sleep experts here to support you.

Baby Food – baby led weaning or purees?

Babies can start eating anywhere between 4 -6 months. Generally, doctors advise you to wait until a baby can sit up on their own to start. So what’s the difference between baby-led weaning and purees? The puree approach involves infants being fed purees by spoon until they signal fullness, where baby-led weaning focuses on the baby feeding themselves independently. On League of Moms you can find a list of experts that can provide guidance on either approach.

Baby Carrier – structured or wrap?

The truth is if you can afford both, we say get one of each, you can borrow, rent or buy second hand as options to keep your budget in check. Wraps are wonderful for those early days of little babies, they are also great for skin to skin time in the hospital. Once your baby reaches a certain weight and has good head control, you can move to a sling which is great for having free hands while keeping the baby close or move to a structured carrier for longer walks. When considering a structured carrier, think about if you’ll want a variety of positions and who will be doing the babywearing – just you or your partner too? Our friends at REBELSTORK have lots of awesome carriers for you to choose from at reduced prices.

Bags – diaper bag vs backpack?

You don’t need any official diaper bag, though many of those come with an insulated area for bottles and a changing pad. Ultimately, get something you and your partner will like carrying. The League opted for a backpack which we like too so you can use it once your kids are out of the diaper bag stage. Get yourself a nice personalized bag with this mom-owned biz.

Pro Tip: Make sure whatever you get, it can fit under your stroller.

All the baby stuff – new or second hand?

There are so many ways to get quality second-hand gear if you are willing to put in a bit of work. We are fans of REBELSTORK, an innovative second-hand marketplace. Also, don’t discount Facebook marketplace for gear, Poshmark for clothes and you can even rent gear with Stork Supply. There are also lots of great local second-hand clothing stores to consider too! If you are buying new, one way to save money when buying new is to leverage a rebate site like Rakuten, where you get some money back with every purchase.

Strollers one or many?

Do you need a garage full of strollers? Well that probably depends on what climate you live in, where you plan to take your stroller and how many kids you are planning! Here are some things to consider when purchasing your stroller…

  1. Weather conditions where you live i.e. will you be taking it in the snow? If snow is in your forecast then larger tires are needed and maybe even skies!
  2. Where will you go with your stroller? Will you be taking it on transit? Or putting in the car? If you are mostly a commuter, you’ll need something durable, big basket but also something you can get on the bus. If you are taking it in and out of the car then make sure it can fit in your car!
  3. Are you planning on more kids? If so, you might want to think ahead and get a stroller that can grow with your family. 
  4. Budget; if you have a budget but see something you can’t afford, keep in mind second-hand options.
  5. Are you a traveller – then you might want to add a lightweight compactable stroller to the mix.

Whether one or more strollers, keep you might want a stroller cleaning service in your back pocket.

League of Moms / 03/22/2021

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