June Dad of the Month: Joseph Tito of The Dad Diaries

Yes I know we are League of Moms, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all the wonderful dads! This month being Father’s Day and Pride month we knew the perfect dad to feature. Joseph Tito only started sharing his story in April 2018, but he very quickly become Instagram’s most loved dad because of his authenticity and vulnerability as he shared his journey to fatherhood.

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Twin girls, 6 months

Your Story in a Nutshell

I really wanted to be a dad.  I had a great career, flying all over the world, but I just felt that something was missing.  I always said to myself that by the time I was 35 I wanted to be a dad, that didn’t happen because of life.  I was turning 37 and told myself that it’s either now or never. Being a gay man it wasn’t as easy as getting a woman pregnant and adopting as a gay man was looking to be impossible as well.  So I told my partner at the time that I wanted to pursue surrogacy, he was ify about it and eventually after the 3rd failed embryo transfer we broke up.  I continued with the journey and at the fifth embryo transfer the surrogate got pregnant and 20 days later I found out, she was pregnant with twins!!

Why Did You Start Sharing Your Story on Social Media? 

I started documenting my journey to get out my own frustrations.  I also found very little information about surrogacy from a gay man’s point of view.  So I decided to make it public to help as many people as I can, and to be a support that I didn’t have.

Any Tips For Parents Wanting to Pursue Surrogacy?

It is a long journey and it will really make you question life.  But if it’s something you want go for it and remember to stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason.

Any Tips for Those Thinking of Becoming Single Parents?

It’s hard!  As a single parent you also have to work.  So between work and caregiving its easy to burn the candle at both ends.  There are nights where I’m so tired that I cry, but at the end of the day when I see the girls smile at me all the negative fades away and you realize that there is nothing better in this world then loving and caring for these little people.

Anything You Wish You Could Go Back and Tell Yourself When You Started Your Journey?

Save as much money as you can!  Don’t buy that Louis Vuitton briefcase!!

Was There a Service that You Used in Your first Months as a New Parent that Was So Important?

I would say a sleep consultant and if you can as a single parent hire a nanny!

What Would be The Perfect Father’s Day Gift for You?

A night at a hotel to sleep for 12 hours!!!

Joseph, Mia & Stella’s life together is just getting started and we are so excited to follow along their journey! You can see all the honest ins & outs of being a single dad to twins on Joseph’s Youtube channel where he releases a video every Wednesday, his blog or over on Instagram. Thank you so much Joseph for sharing your inspiring journey with us of all.

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League of Moms / 06/10/2019

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