Dressing Your Post Baby Body: Tips from a Stylist

I remember the first time I looked in the mirror post labour. My logical brain knew that things wouldn’t miraculously bounce back to the way they were nine months prior but my emotional, hormonal brain was angry. Seriously, haven’t I been through enough? I just donated my body to science for what seemed like a decade and now I have to figure out how to love this new version of myself. After about three weeks postpartum my swelling was gone, but my boobs were like boulders. I still had a ton of loose skin and stretch-marks on my hips were a lovely shade of lavender. Here’s the thing, I didn’t care as much as I thought I would. Mostly because I was too tired to care and because it was entirely worth it every time I looked at my baby.        

After two months of being housebound, I was starting to feel lost and unhappy. I needed to start going out more but was struggling. I knew that if I was washed and dressed, and put on a little bit of makeup, it would change my mindset. Unfortunately I found myself in the same place that so many new moms do. My maternity clothes were too big (and frankly I never liked them anyway), and my regular clothes were too small. I decided not to wallow in it and headed to the mall. Here are somethings that I found were a huge help when dressing my post-baby body.

Button Down Shirts

I wore a uniform during high-school, so a decade, I avoided these like the plague. Now as a new mom, I needed my breasts to be accessible and my lower half to heal. I also found that when I avoided clingy fabrics and went a size up in a boyfriend fit they were chic, but most importantly comfortable. Cuff up the sleeve, finish the look with a little french tuck and voila, you feel classic and clean.

Tunics with Leggings

Yes I am telling you that leggings (League of Moms has a whole blog post on leggings for postpartum moms) are pants, and to wear them with pride. If you are healing from stitches, tight clothing is not your friend. I love a tunic, but if you are smaller on top than bottom like me, they can be tricky to find a good fit. In that situation look for A-Line tunics that have some stretch. If your less self conscious about your waist, you can belt them or leave them loose and free. Pair this ensemble with a great scarf and some sneakers and you are ready for a coffee date with your new mom friends.

High-Waisted Pants

At the risk of dating myself, I will recall the decade of the Brazilian rise jeans.  You know the ones that were below your hip, and slightly above your pubic bone. Ya, you can’t wear those anymore. Now I’m telling you to buy jeans that are slightly lower than your ribcage. I want them to sit at your natural waist which is the smallest part of your midsection. This offers clean lines and no spill over, lovingly known as muffin top. I like a classic dark wash, which is great for hiding poop and barf. I also suggest finding a pair with a lot of stretch. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans are around $30 and come in three rises with a ton of colours. That is the perfect price point for our ever-evolving bodies.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Last but definitely not least, invest in some comfy walking shoes. My feet went up half a size postpartum. I needed to buy a lot of new shoes (poor me, I know). I walked a lot with my babies. It was my sanity. Sometimes the only adults that I would talk to were the people serving me coffee, or the check out girl at the grocery store. Having shoes that fit and look cute can make an outfit. I suggest athleisure shoes because they are more versatile. Think Keds, Vans, or Sperry’s, this type of shoe can look great with leggings, a sundress or jeans.

Linsey Raposo is the Founder of Style Literacy. She is a school teacher by day and a personal stylist and make up artist by night. As a mom of two she knows first hand what is means to dress a postpartum body.

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League of Moms / 06/17/2019

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