5 Money Saving Hacks for Moms!

You might be on maternity leave, dealing with daycare costs or simply a savvy mommy looking to save a little here and there….if that is you, then check out our list of money saving tips!

Online Shopping Cash Back
If you do online shopping then it’s a no-brainer to get Ebates installed into your browser.  Ebates gives you cash back from shopping at places like Amazon, the GAP, Indigo, Joe Fresh and many more!  The rates of return depend on the store, but can span from 1% to 8% of your purchase price.  I personally have gotten $400 cash back to date since signing up in 2015 (granted there was a big stroller purchase in there).  I definitely recommend you install it into your browser otherwise you will forget about it.  Honey is similar to Ebates and you can install both in your browser, but nine times out of ten, I have more luck with Ebates.

Grocery Cash Back
There are a few cashback apps, but we only have so much room on our phones.  The top two in my experience are Caddle and Checkout51.  I love using Caddle because there are cash back options for groceries, quick service restaurants and you can earn money by answering some quick and easy survey questions!  Checkout51 has lots of cash back options, and often they have an offer for diapers!

Free Attractions
The Toronto Public library gives out free passes to many major Toronto attractions such as the ROM, the Zoo, Science Centre, AGO.   The passes are released on a certain day each week.  The day is dependent on your library branch and the type of passes depend on your library branch.  The passes don’t come without some work; you’ll have to line up for them and quite early if you want some of the really lucrative ones like the Zoo or Science Centre.  You’ll need a library card as well.

Meal Planning
I don’t know about you but we use to waste so much money due to wasted food, so we have mitigated that by meal planning.  I created this simple tool to plan our meals so that we know exactly what to buy for groceries.  A bonus time-saving hack is I order my groceries online at Loblaws and then I simply pick them up! Walmart also offers this service  The cost is between $3-$5 depending on the time of day you choose to pick up.    What is not a money-saving hack is having your groceries delivered to you as currently provided by Instacart – the groceries are more expensive, they have some big fees (understandably) for the service i.e. it is a percentage of your grocery bill, so the more you buy the more it costs.  However, it is very convenient for those nights you simply can’t leave the house and need your groceries, just don’t make a habit of it.

Price Comparisons
My secret tool is the flipp app which houses all the weekly grocery flyers.  I can see what’s on sale at my local grocery store for my meal planning or I can do a quick search on a staple like diapers and see where it can be purchased for less.  Note: many stores price matching meaning you can show the price on the app and get the same price.

BONUS:  Okay so this might sound obvious, but I am surprised by how many don’t do this!  Track your expenses!  It’s so important to know how much you spend and where you spend your money.  If you don’t know you can make any changes to your spending.  I love the tips and tools provided by the Financially Fabulous Limor Markman, she also has an awesome video series with budgeting templates to get you started for just $7!  Get it here!

BONUS 2.0:  League of Moms offers a deal card to help you save money on League of Moms service providers.  Deal cards only cost $10!

League of Moms / 09/25/2018

6 thoughts on “5 Money Saving Hacks for Moms!”

  1. Great tips! Another favourite in our household is Butter, which helps you manage all your subscriptions. Seeing them all in one place helps you determine whether or not you really ALL of them! Plus you also get cash back as well!

  2. I use all the tips! One thing about Walmart online grocery order is that they sometimes mess your order up or they will substitute the item for something else, if Walmart doesn’t have it. Also, for faster pickup for Walmart grocery orders, it’s best to do it at a Penguin pickup rather than the actual Walmart location.

    Didn’t know about Caddle app- will definitely check it out.

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