Mom of the Month: Meet Nudik’s Lindsay Lorusso

Last year, we got lots of love when we featured various Toronto Moms, so we are back to share many more! This year, we’ll be featuring a kick ass Toronto mom every month!

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Given April is Earth Month, we wanted to feature Lindsay Lorusso, who co-founded Nudnik, a sustainable kidswear brand with her sister Alexandra.


Sebastian 15 (stepson), Hunter 6 & Apollo 3

Elevator pitch about your business:

Nudnik reverses the damage we are doing to our planet by transforming textile waste into bright, unisex and contemporary kidswear!

What inspired you to start Nudnik?

After working a collective 20+ years for a waste management company our father co-founded over 45 years ago, we saw a lack of any local or globalized solutions to handle textile waste. We thought here is a real opportunity to create a solution that could really impact the growing textile waste epidemic.

Any tips for moms entering into business for themselves?

I think for any aspiring ‘momprenuer” the key to success (and sanity) is balance. Sounds totally cliche, but it’s the truth. Prioritization, planning, time management and being kind to yourself. With 24 hours in a day minus family time and (the attempt of a) good night’s sleep, we need to maximize our time. It’s about working smarter, not longer. The hustle of start-up life is different for us and that’s ok.

Anything you wish you could go back and tell you new mom self?

That you’ve got this! Thinking so far ahead can be overwhelming. Take it day-by-day. There will be the days you have to bow out of things because your kid is home sick. Most people will understand. There will be evenings where you’ve been distracted and end up going into your kid’s bedroom a couple extra times to check on them while they’re sleeping so peacefully, whispering apologies and promising to be more present tomorrow. The good news is with entrepreneurship comes the ability to do things on your own terms. I make field trips a priority as it’s a way to show my oldest that I can make time for him. Special breakfast dates with my boys individually also give us uninterrupted time to catch up. The big thing to is celebrate the successes! They mean twice as much!

Was there a service that you used in your pregnancy or first year as a mom that was so important?

When I had my sons (2012, 2015) I was always doing random Google searches for information. For example, I wanted to know how to properly install the carseat, how to do CPR on my kids at different ages as they grew, I wanted information about feeding and appropriate first foods. What I love about League of Moms is they’ve consolidated all the important information in an easily accessible way, in one space. Take advantage new moms!

Your go to mom hacks?

The Gro-Clock and this cute little timer I bought on Amazon that counts down for little ones who aren’t fluid in telling time yet. We use the timer in the mornings when they are getting ready for school and doing their chores. They can refer to it as a measure of how much time they have to complete their tasks. Our mornings generally run smoothly this way. Another major mom hack is frozen pureed butternut squash. I add this into their mac & cheese and they get that extra boost of nutrition. This really helps on those busy evenings so we don’t feel quite so guilty giving them their favourite “treat” meal…again!

Any easy (anyone can do) recommendations for sustainable living?

There are so many mini lifestyle changes and adjustments you can make to do your part! Unplugging unused electronics, washing in cold water, spot cleaning, hang drying, turning off the tap brushing your teeth/washing dishes, using your organic bins, opting to buy less packaged products, support local organic produce, green cleaning/personal care products (or making your own), donating old clothes, shopping second hand, reusable water bottles, travel coffee mugs, bringing your own bags to the grocery store … to name a few!

You can connect with Lindsay & Nudnik on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

League of Moms / 04/20/2019

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