How to ROCK Your Maternity Leave

In Canada, we are lucky to get a whole 365 days of maternity leave and with the new legislation, some moms may even opt for 18 months off.  While the first 100 days or so are a little bit of a write off as you are just figuring out how to stay afloat; here is our list for when you ready to live it up with your new baby in tow!

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Maternity Leave to Do List!

Maternity Leave Cook Off: Find 2-3 friends and each of you is responsible for cooking one dish for everyone to enjoy!  So instead of cooking a bunch of different meals; you’ll just have to cook a lot of one item and voila – meals and snacks to last the week!  What makes this even more fun is you can get together with friends to do the cooking or a have gathering to exchange the food! Here is an example of my last cook off; soup, carrot bites, muffins and pesto sauce!

DIY Music Class: We all want to get our kids ahead with activities but at this young age those music classes are so pricey to commit to and you really don’t need a professional to lead you in Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Find local mommas in your neighbourhood that are also on maternity leave (I did this through a Facebook post in my neighbourhood), set a time/day/place to get together weekly. Bonus if you know a mama that plays guitar!

Mommy & Me Fitness: There are lots of fitness options to partake in and you can find a bunch of amazing instructors on League of Moms (well&tight, The Belle Method, Stephanie Sebbio, Baby Mama Fitness to name a few!) However, I recognize when on maternity leave, budgets can be tight and/or it can be tough to get out of the house, thus some options include hiring an instructor to teach you and some friends in your home, or grab your mom friends and load up your favourite youtube fitness video.

Auditions: This was one of those things that I wanted to say we did!  If you think you have a cute baby and let’s face it we all think we have a cute baby, then why not sign up to get them into commercials or magazines.   We ended up in one commercial (which paid in clothing as oppose to money, I was totally ok with that) and we did get a call back on another audition for which we got paid $50 each – not too shabby!

Photo Shoot:  If you are like me, you are taking millions of photos of your little one, but none of yourself with your babe.  To solve this problem, I organized a photoshoot in my backyard! Again I called upon my maternity leave friends, I got some props (bubble machine, pillows, blanket) and I hired an up and coming photographer whose rates were very reasonable. And voila; we each had a handful of photos of us with our kiddo! Another option is if you have a friend who is an amateur photographer that wants to take on the project.

Get Cultured: There are lots of museums in the city that offer free evenings or pay what you can events, so strap the baby in a carrier and get cultured! You can also check out the Toronto Public Library for free museum passes which select branches distribute on certain days.

Mommy Dates: I’ve writing about this because it’s one of the best things that came out of my maternity leave – all sorts of new mommy friends!  New moms are ripe for new friendships as they want to talk to adults, they have a lot of free daytime and they are eager to learn from each other’s experiences – so don’t be shy, put yourself out there and make some new mom friends!  I did so by simply posting on my local Facebook group and you can read about my experience here, but there are lots of apps and groups to help with this as well!

Picnic Dates: Take those new mommy friends and get your park picnic on! May is that sweet spot when the weather is awesome and the kids are still in school so you have the parks all to yourself!  Make it even easier on yourself and use a food ordering app (UberEats, Just Eat, or Foodora) to deliver your picnic meal.

Play Hooky! That’s right – you deserve a break, but you know what will make the break feel even better? Sharing it with your partner, friend, sister, mom etc.  Pick a regular old Wednesday when everyone else is at work and have your friend play hooky and spend a few hours catching up, getting your toes done or grabbing a great lunch.  This obviously requires you getting someone to look after your kid

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League of Moms / 10/23/2017

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