VERY Important Leggings Research!

If you’ve read this post before then I am glad you are back as I’m always adding new leggings to the list! If it’s your first time reading, then enjoy and let me know if you have any leggings you want reviewed.

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Hi Mamas! I took one for the team and went on a mission to find the best leggings for us postpartum ladies! It wasn’t easy, but I knew the work was important for those post-baby bellies….mostly mine!

After two kids; I’ve got loose skin and excess fat and I know I am not the only one! I am always on the hunt for the best leggings and my definition of best is they hold my stomach in so that it seems a distant memory (though temporarily). So for your reading pleasure, below are my reviews!

Joe Fresh High Waisted Compression Leggings
Retail Price: $29*
Size Reco: I went up one size, you might want to do the same
The Dets: When I first picked these up, I thought they felt buttery and like a foam material – reminded me of scuba gear (from the ONE time I went snorkelling). They are a little thicker than most of my other leggings but they compress and they are VERY inexpensive. I have been wearing them non stop since I got them for working out and they have held up well.
Belly Score: Flat as a board
Verdict: They hold and you really can’t get leggings any cheaper than these!

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Want to see my video review? Check it out here.

Preggo Snapback© Postpartum Leggings

Retail Price: $65 
Size Reco: True to size.  When I first put them on, I worried that I got a pair that was too small, because they were hard to put on, but then either I figured it out or they loosened a little bit. 
The Dets: The material is good quality and has held up nicely after one wash.   They go very high up i.e. to the top of your stomach which results in a nice smooth tummy and sides.  They are great for winter, fall, spring, but I probably wouldn’t wear them during the summer.  Wearing the right underwear is key! I tried them on with some not so flattering underwear and you could see where my underwear was sitting and my love handles were bulging, you could also slightly see my underwear line so I would stick to thongs.  There are grooves in the upper thigh which are not very noticeable, but I would only wear these leggings with a longer shirt to hide those grooves. Only other watch out is you start to feel the compression of the leggings after wearing them all day, similar to how your head starts to get bothered if you are wearing a hat all day.   The bottom line is that they are indeed holding in my stomach, which is amazing after two kids! 
Belly Score: Flat as a board 
Verdict: Totally worth it, you probably only need this one pair as look like they will be long-lasting!

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Disclosure: I asked Preggo Leggings for a pair of leggings to review which they provided free of charge.

Want to see my video review? Check it out here.

Equator TNA Leggings from Aritzia 
Retail Price: $22
Size Reco: True to size
The Dets: They felt very light to wear, but not so thin that my underwear line showed. BUT these cut right into my midsection so there was definitely some stomach bulging
Belly Score: Bulgy
Verdict: Great price point, but only wear with a long sweater

Daria Leather Leggings from Aritizia
Retail Price: $135
Size Reco: True to size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: I had a lot of hope for these as I heard a lot about them, while they are great for going out and dressing up your look, they looked pretty bad on me! These pants just didn’t hug me the right way; too tight around my belly, too loose around my legs and I found that the leggings were sliding down below my stomach as I wore them.  Also, I actually worried about ripping these leggings when I did the sit test.  They are however made of vegan leather, but vegan or not these didn’t do it for me.
Belly Score: Oh God No!
Verdict: Sexy for going out, but not great if your body is not perfectly proportioned

Align Pant from Lululemon
Retail Price:
Size Reco: Go down one size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: If butter wore pants, these would be them! These have a soft and buttery material that feels great against your skin.  I loved that they sat just above my ankle (so no bunching material) and not too much shine ie they don’t look like workout pants.  Also I liked how these held in my thighs!
Belly Score: What belly?
Verdict: Yes buy them for everyday!

Disclosure: I wrote this blog post in 2018 and I have since become an affiliate with Lululemon. If you click through this link and decide to buy, I get a small commission. Programs like these help me keep League of Moms free for users! So thank you for your support! I NEVER promote anything I don’t support myself.

Wunderunder High Rise from Lululemon
Retail Price: $98
Size Reco: Go down one size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: These pants had some shine and looked more like workout pants than the other Lululemon pants, the belly hold was ok but I probably should have gone down one size to get a really good hold!
Belly Score: Meh
Verdict: Skip them because the Align Pant II is waaay better for every day wear

Sculpt Fit Compression from The Gap 
Retail Price: $84.95
Size Reco: True to size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: I ordered a medium when I probably should have ordered a small, as these didn’t feel nice and snug.  Also they bunched at the ankle and were shiny like a true workout pant, so not suitable for everyday wear.
Belly Score: Meh
Verdict: Skip them unless GAP is having like a 80% off sale

Ultra High Rise Super Soft Leggings from Garage 
Retail Price: $22.95
Size Reco: True to size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: Though these were comfortable and had a good material thickness they cut right into my stomach making me look pregnant..again!
Belly Score: Pregnant
Verdict: These are a great price point if you don’t need serious belly compression

High Rise Supersoft from Garage
Retail Price: $19.95
Size Reco: True to size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: These come right down to the ankle which I liked, but the material felt a little thin and flimsy and these like the other Garage leggings made me look pregnant!
Belly Score: Pregnant
Verdict: Skip them; yes they are cheap, but you can do better

High Waisted Seamless Leggings from Pink by Victoria Secret
Retail Price: $65.95
Size Reco: True to size
Underwear Friendly: Yes
The Dets: These were quite thick, so they wouldn’t be suitable for summer, but that thick material is magical at making my stomach look flat! It did bunch at the ankle and these ones definitely looked like workout pants so wouldn’t be suitable for everyday wear, but you will look like you already work out while you work out with that slim figure of yours!
Belly Score: What belly…no really what belly?
Verdict: YES buy them for working out

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League of Moms / 10/07/2019

23 thoughts on “VERY Important Leggings Research!”

  1. After two C-sections, my belly is a mess. I LOVE the TNA (Aritzia) high waisted leggings. They’re all I wear lol. I leave them pulled up if I’m wearing a baggy top or sweatshirt, or fold them down a few inches if I’m wearing a more form fitting top.

  2. Curious update… how are all these leggings on breathability. I have found that some compression leggings especially feel like I am wearing a swimsuit and don’t breath. These tend to be made from polyester, except lulu who has their own secret materials….

    1. Thanks for the question Emilie! I only kept the Lululemon Align pant as that was my favourite so I can’t talk too much about long-term breathability on the leggings. Also, not sure if any of these are considered compression leggings (what are compression legging?), but they were all high waisted in style.

  3. I have a question on the align pants! i was a size 6 at lulu in their leggings before baby. Should i go with that for after? I got gifted a size 8 and i’m debating what to do with them!

    1. Hi Lindsay, you want to go down one size as recommended by the Lululemon team. If you are generally the same size in your other clothes post-baby then probably stick go with a 6!

    1. Hi Sunny! Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t tried the Preggo Leggings, but I will check them out! Thanks!

  4. Love the Align pant! Been wearing them throughout my pregnancy. Pre-preg was a size 6 and bought them in a size 6 (with pocket) & size 8. Been wearing both throughout my pregnancy, now ~37 weeks, and they’re pretty much all I wear. Now fold the top down on occasion. Glad to hear they will be good post-partum too (if I haven’t stretched them out TOO much).

  5. I ordered the Preggo leggings, based on this useful research. I am located in Belgium so I had to pay 35USD shipping cost.. Anyway I did order it and paid the shipping cost as well. Today finally it was delicered after 2 weeks and the postman wanted me to pay additionally 36EUR!!!! I refused and contacted the Preggo Leggings Team, who told me that the int. customs fee can occur and must be paid by me. Kidding, right?
    So I paid already over 70USD and now I still don’t have the leggings and they want me to pay more..
    So.. don’t order the Preggo leggings, – surely not if you are not in US –

    1. Hi Eszter – thanks for letting us know. Sorry to hear you had to incur so many costs for a pair of leggings! We are based in Canada, but your warning is good for anyone outside of North America! Sorry again!

  6. Thank for the research! Do you think the Lulu Align leggings would be good to take in my hospital bag?
    Also, when you pick a size, do you chose based on your pre-maternity size? Im in week 34, still not sure what the aftermath will look like and I’d actually prefer to invest in a pair of leggings that may also serve me for a little longer

    1. Hi Tamar – Thanks for your question! I wouldn’t wear them right after pregnancy, but wait a few weeks until your stomach has reduced in size. I was a few months postpartum when I tried all these out so I had a sense of my size. I would bring some comfortable maternity clothes to the hospital ie something loose! I would wait to spend on these leggings for a little bit. All the best and congrats in advance!

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