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Urgh…Periods.  I think it is safe to say we all hate them PERIOD!   So what’s a girl to do every month but grin and bare it? Well yeah, but also NO!  You have some options when it comes to your period, like are you a tampons girl? Pad ‘preferer’? Cup convert? Or have you tried Knix period underwear? We are here is help you get some more insights on what Knix period underwear is all about with our very own Knix Revews by the League! I recruited some members of the League to provide their honest thoughts on Knix leakproof underwear so you can decide if it is right for you.

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The League Testers

Mom 1

# of Kids: 2

Flow:  Heavy-Medium

Current protection: Pads

Knix Reviews: Knix Leakproof High Rise

Mom 2

# of Kids: 2

Flow:  Heavy-Medium

Current protection: Cups

Knix Reviews: Knix Leakproof Bikini

Mom 3

# of Kids: 3

Flow:  Medium-Light

Current protection: Pads & Tampons

Knix Reviews: Knix Leakproof Boyshort

Mom 4

# of kids: 2

Flow: Medium

Current protection: Tampons

Knix Reviews: Knix Leakproof High Rise

Why did we all want to give KNIX leakproof underwear a try?      

This group of moms were looking for a change! They were tired of using pads and tampons, in part from a health perspective and in part from an environmental perspective.  Our cup using mama wanted something to help with leaks when using her cup and overall the moms wanted an alternative for lighter days

Expectations prior to trying Knix?

We had a group of skeptics, no one expected the underwear to hold up to leaks, but we were all hopeful for a leak free and comfortable experience

How was your first experience with Knix?

Leak Score: 4/5

For 3 out of 4 moms, the leaks were contained! Go Knix Go! One mom with a heavy flow braved the underwear on day 1 of her period and unfortunately she did have some leaking BUT she was impressed with how much blood it did hold.    

Comfort Score: 4/5

All our moms thought the Knix underwear were comfortable! And there was only one watch out, if you have a shorter torso then maybe stay clear of the high waisted as they do go high up! We also noted that the underwear is quite flattering ie it won’t pinch you in funny places so you can confident wearing them under all your garments.

Freshness Score: 3/5

There was no smell but there was some wetness for some of us (pending how heavy your period is), but biggest change from using a pad or tampon was when going to the bathroom, unless you plan on changing your underwear you are wearing bloody underwear which did affect our feeling of freshness.

How did Knix hold up post wash?

For some of us there was some staining after the wash, which wasn’t ideal, but it was a worthwhile trade-off for saving the environment from another pad or tampon! Hey Knix if you are listening, perhaps you made the lining a darker colour?  One of our moms said her fit wasn’t as good as when she first put them on.

Overall would you recommend Knix to a friend?

Verdict is a resounding yes! The watch outs are if you have heavy period then change your underwear often or pair it with a cup or tampon or use it for light days. Overall, we also love supporting a brand that uses real women to model their products! All shapes and sizes, stretch marks and all – thank you to Knix for choosing women that reflect us!

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Thank you to Knix for providing underwear to our League testers.  All opinions are our own.

League of Moms / 05/21/2019

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