Kick-Ass Moms: Volume 4

So better late than never…right? So here we go with our last (for now) of our kick-ass moms series.  Check out a few more epic Toronto moms doing some pretty cool & inspiring things!  Also, if you missed vol 1, vol 2 or vol 3 – you can click through to read!

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Lianne Kim, Founder, Think Big Consulting and Founder & Co-Lead, Mamas & Co.
Instagram: @thinkbigsales  and @mamasandco
Kids: 6 and 4 years old

Why you want Lianne in your League of Moms?  She will help cultivate those big ideas you have!

Lianne has 15 years of experience in sales where she has sold everything from T-shirts to luxury travel and she has worked with businesses of all sizes from solopreneurs to large enterprises.  It was in 2013 when she took a chance and started her own business that her greatest learning took place.  Realizing how isolating it was to work from home, she had an idea to bring together like-minded mompreneurs to connect over a glass of wine.  Mamas & Co. started with 7 women in 2014 and very quickly grew to a thriving community of 0ver 300 mamas/business owners across Canada and beyond.   Apart from Mamas & Co., Lianne continues to run her own successful consulting agency Think Big Sales where she helps everything from start-ups to large organizations looking for a sales overhaul.

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Emma Rohmann, Founder, Green at Home and Co-Lead Mamas & Co.
Instagram: @emma_greenathome
Kids: 6 and 3 years old

Why you want Emma in your League of Moms?  She’ll help you clean up your act!

Emma is an environmental engineer with a decade of experience in the green building field.  She took her experience and knowledge to create a unique offering at Green at Home, where is she is on a mission to help families, health practitioners, and business owners make greener, healthier choices.  She provides practical and judgment-free advice and support focused on reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. Emma is a David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green Coach, and a regular guest lecturer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She also has some amazing online programs, consultations, and even some free resources on how to clean up your home.  In 2016, she took her years of business experience and joined Lianne to co-lead Mamas & Co.

Lianne & Emma’s advice to moms on balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood
Plan! We are both big on planning out our months, weeks, and days. This is especially important if you work from home. Keep personal and work appointments on the same calendar to help you set up your week for success – forgetting about a doctor’s appointment or recital while planning your work goals can lead to frustration and stress. Lianne loves her paper planner, and Emma uses a combination of paper and Google calendar. They both have family calendars too, so their husbands know if they have evening or weekend events, and vice versa. Keeping everyone on the same page is key!

Lianne & Emma’s best Mom Hack:
We have both been known to have a dance party with our kids in the kitchen. Everyone gets in a good mood after a little dancing – even during the 5pm “where’s dinner” meltdowns.

Lianne & Emma’s Mat Leave Tips:
Be kind to yourself! Take time to rest and recover, and this time will be different for everyone so listen to your body. When you’re ready, definitely surround yourself with like-minded mamas. It can be a very isolating time, so having regular play dates, coffees, or activities can really help. We are also advocates for keeping it real. If you’re struggling with something, share that! You don’t have to pretend you have it all together, and the best way we can support each other is, to be honest.


Megan Telpner, Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Founder & Director of Academy of Culinary Nutrition
Instagram: @MeghanTelpner
Facebook:  Meghan Telpher
Kid: 11-month-old

Why you want Meghan in your League of Moms? She is a ball of colour, seriously, I don’t think she owns anything black…also she can make black beans into a delicious dessert!

Meghan’s journey is an amazing and inspiring entrepreneurial story.  She went from a fashion degree to an advertising career, to being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, which is considered incurable.  Not willing to accept the incurable part of her diagnosis, she took matters into her own hands and completely changed her eating and self-care routine which resulted in her being symptom-free within a month of diagnosis after suffering for three years.  She then went on to get her certification as a holistic nutritionist and after graduating started offering cooking classes; as demand for her classes grew, she being offering online classes which led to launching the world first Culinary Nutrition Expert Certification program.  The program has graduated nearly 1,000 students in 32 countries!  Meghan has also authored two best-selling cookbooks and since 2015 has been teaching and inspiring others through business coaching on achieving their business goals.  Meghan was named one of the top 100 Canadian Female Entrepreneurs in 2016.

Get a chance to hear Meghan’s business advice at ‘How to Build an Insanely Profitable One Person Business’ hosted by Freshbooks on June 28th in Toronto. 

Meghan’s advice to moms on running a business while being a new mom
Get organized! The big picture ideas can be easy. We may know the end result. How does that translate to having a one hour nap window when you need to get things done? The key is to set very specific objectives, goals and milestones. Break projects down into their component parts so that you have very specific tasks you aim to complete on a weekly basis, with monthly goals and milestones to know that you are making progress. Managing projects, teams, clients, products all comes down to a set number of hours that you have to complete a set number of tasks. When you can break things down into smaller parts, you are better able to start, do and complete something, and also feel that sense of accomplishment.

Meghan’s mom hacks…
Ask for help. Best hack there is!  Short of that, I manage my life as I manage my business. I create checklists and stick to them to help keep as much as possible out of my head. This way I know what needs to be done, and don’t have to rely on memory (especially after a sleepless night). This also makes it easier to delegate. When someone asks a mom, “is there anything I can do to help?” have your answer ready. For me, checklists help. And food prep. You know you should, but make time to make it happen. Prep your veggies and meal components once or twice a week, so meal time takes up way less time. This makes all of life easier.

Meghan’s advice to moms…
What guides me every day: Don’t lose yourself in raising your children. Be the best mother you can, and for all of us this looks different. Navigate your own path, take others advice that makes sense for you, and leave the rest. Make your own way through this and know that your happiness matters as much as everyone else’s.


League of Moms / 06/06/2018

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