July Mom of the Month: Kate Wallace

We love sharing stories of amazing moms in our community and here is a mom we want to get on your radar for a few reasons! Meet Kate Wallace, mom of 2, blogger, and recently the founder of a new charity The Birthday Candle Project which you need to read about!

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Kate Wallace


2 kids; one-and-a-half and three-and-a-half years old.

Elevator pitch about you:

I’m the founder of Emmett’s ABCs. In my past life I was a marketing professional, a brand strategist, and was in corporate sales. And now? I’m a mom! But it wasn’t an easy path…

Emmett, our sweet, noisy, crazy, non-sleeping, rambunctious, little boy was the inspiration for Emmett’s ABCs (although his sister Charlie has since joined the party). And let me tell you, when we had him, we were in deep… REAL DEEP.

My level of sanity during those early days was directly correlated to the mamas in my life who intervened, provided recommendations, or just a smile and a laugh to make my life easier.

It’s that very sentiment that’s the inspiration for Emmett’s ABCs. We’ve been walking this path for a while now, and are living and learning from our decisions every day. We’re always looking for ways to make our life more fun, more beautiful, and just a little bit easier… and we want to share it all with you!

Tell us about your charity and why you started it:

Imagine you’re facing all the same motherhood struggles we just talked about, but you’re doing it at the most vulnerable point in your life. When you’re escaping a dangerous and volatile home with your children, and seeking safety in a women’s shelter. The last thing on your mind and your priority list while you’re trying to rebuild your life (and understandably so) is celebrating your children’s birthday. Yet, there’s nothing more important to a child than feeling cherished and celebrated, and we knew we could do something to help.

At The Birthday Candle Project, we believe that every child deserves to be celebrated. We believe that the light ignited by a birthday candle can spark a journey of value, love and joy in the heart of a child.

Our mission at TBCP is to bring joyful birthday celebrations to children living in women’s shelters in Toronto. We partner with organizations and individual families to collect unused (or gently used) party supplies and donations, and then through a little creativity and magic, we use the supplies to build parties for children who deserve to be celebrated!

If you’re interested in donating party supplies, birthday gifts or your time to The Birthday Candle Project please reach out to us at hello@thebirthdaycandleproject.com – we so appreciate your support!

Any tips you have for moms wanted to take a big leap like you?

There’s never a perfect time, and you’ll always feel under qualified in some way. The most important thing is to just take the first step. Start the website, take the photography course, reach out to someone who’s doing something similar that you admire and ask them for coffee to learn more, just start.

I promise you can do it. You’re going to learn and grow and get better as your business grows. Your first time will never be as good as your 100th time, but you can’t get to your 100th without starting with your first.

Anything you wish you could go back and tell your new mom self?

Be patient. With yourself, with your baby and with your new life. Everything feels monumental right now, but you’ll grow into this new space together. You both need time to learn how to work together, and you may not believe it right now, but soon you’ll be a team. Working through changes and challenges with love and expertise you didn’t know you had!

Was there a service that you used in your pregnancy or first year as a mom that was so important?

Visiting a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist during pregnancy and postpartum was hands down the most important thing I did for my body and healing. I 100% attribute my ability to run long distances (without feeling uncomfortable!) to the care, attention and treatment that my physio provided. It’s 100% worth the time!

What are your go to mom hacks?

Make your diaper bag your ‘go bag’. Keep it stocked with activities, snacks, clothes (and diapers of course!) so that it becomes your sanity-saver when you’re out and about. I restock the snacks, drinks and activities in there each morning, and inevitably we burn through them when we’re out and about each day!

What is your favourite thing to blog about?

The challenges we’re facing every day. What I’ve realized is that if I’m going through something, there are other moms out there going through it too. Motherhood is isolating. And if my corner of the internet can help us connect, feel heard and understood, and help provide some laugher, solutions and love through the chaos? Well, that’s what it’s all about.

Thank you so much Kate for your real look at motherhood through Emmett’s ABC’s and for starting such an incredible initiative with The Birthday Candle Project!

If you looking for a fun and easy way to get involved in your community, or for a community service project that’s equally fun for kids and adults. Then we highly suggest a you join the Pack-A-Party Challenge with The Birthday Candle Project!

Check out the details in the poster below and reach out to hello@thebirthdaycandleproject.com to get started!

Also, you can follow Kate on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Pack-a-Party Challenge

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