Joe Fresh x Sasha Exeter Collection Review!

In case you haven’t heard Joe Fresh and influencer, Sasha Exeter launched another collection, and this one is bigger and better than the last! I always love a collab, but I really love this one because Sasha breaths style and Joe Fresh is amazing for affordable fashion!

The collection spans all genders, kids, and sizes from XS to 3X.  I couldn’t resist picking up a few items to test and let you know what I thought!

Racer Legging

Overview: These high-waisted leggings while they are nice on their own, I really LOVE the statement they make when worn with the racer crop top!  This look is really flattering! I have had two kids and I do not have a Sasha Exeter washboard stomach and I look great in this set (if I do say so myself)!

Size Reco:  True to fit

Buy?  Yes, along with the crop top

Price: $34

Racer Crop Top

Overview: If you read above, I think the high neck crop top works best when worn with the matching bottoms, but you can also wear it with high waisted plain black leggings.  The only challenge is where to wear a long-sleeved crop top? It’s kinda like wearing open toe boots or a vest? I take that back, this is way better than open toe boots or a vest, I think if you wear this to a more relaxed yoga or stretch class that doesn’t include too much sweating then this is perfect. If I can make one recommendation to the design team, add something to the zipper to make it easier to zip up and down

Size Reco: True to size

Buy? Yes, with the matching bottoms

Price: $29

Rinsed Tank

Overview:  This is a nice light airy top and you’ll be in style with the current crop trend!  Note, it’s not made for downward dogs as it will slide down towards your head, but it is perfect for a good sweat and I love how it looks when worn with the matching pants. Get a black one to match the 10 pairs of black leggings in your closet.

Size Reco:  Size down

Buy? Yes, if you like to sweat!

Price: $19

Wrap Legging

Overview: The high waist wrap detail is super flattering again for bodies of all shapes and sizes. I really love this worn with the rinsed top in the matching colour as it looks really sleek! The material is nice, but one watch-out is the lighter colour I found to show underwear lines. These pants are available in dusty green and dusty pink.

Size Reco: Size down

Buy? Great for spring workouts!

Price: $34

Teddy Fleece Zip Up

Overview: This is my second favourite item in the collection. It’s honestly the fleece zip-up I have been waiting for! I love the feeling of the lining, I love how sleek it looks on. It’s going to be my go-to when I don’t want to wear a bulky jacket.  My only question is will the material stay fuzzy post washing? Time will tell!

Size Reco: Size up for a looser fit

Buy? If you don’t have anything like this, then you should get this!

Price: $44


Overview: This is the piece de resistance! I had no idea that I needed a catsuit until I tried this one on.  The material is buttery and feels great against the skin. The cut is just super flattery and I feel so awesome and confident wearing this. I have no idea where I am going to wear this, but I know I need it! One thing to note; there is no breast support and with a low back it isn’t suited for wearing with a bra, so if you are someone that can’t go without a bra, I would skip this.

Size Reco: True to size

Buy? YAAASSSS if you can find it!

Price: $44

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League of Moms / 02/09/2022

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