Kick-Ass Moms: Volume 1

Everyone needs their very own of League of Moms; so here are a few kick-ass moms you are sure to want in your league! Throughout May, we’ll be inspiring you with some of GTA’s coolest moms; moms who are building businesses, supporting charities and making waves all around.  We’ve asked these mom bosses to share some of their mom hacks and other words of wisdom.


Eva Wong, Co-Founder & COO, Borrowell
Instagram: @eva_toronto
Kids: 7 and 4 years old

Why you want Eva in your League of Moms? She can hook you up with your credit score…for free!

Eva is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Borrowell, a Canadian fintech company that helps consumers make great decisions about credit.  Prior to Borrowell, her career spanned both the private and not-for-profit sectors, as well as across the US, Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe.  Eva has been named one of 20 Canadian tech start-up founders to follow by Twitter Canada, was featured as one of “9 Canadian Women Changing The Game” by Elle Canada and on Flare’s #HowIMadeIt list of Canadian women with cool jobs to name a few!

Tips for Balancing Parenting, Life, a Startup…
Set boundaries for yourself, and stick to them as much as you can. I’m willing to be out a certain number of nights each week at work-related functions and meetings. I try not to feel bad about being away from my family on those nights. The same way, I set aside at least a 24-hour period over the weekend where I don’t work (a Sabbath). I don’t feel guilty about not working and I try to be 100% focused on other things – family, friends, church, rest.

Mom Hacks…
Lower your expectations! The thing that’s saved me the most amount of time and stress is not to compare myself with people who are in different situations than I’m in, or who’ve made different life choices. On the practical front – my kids only take a bath or shower every other day, if that. Especially in the winter, they’re not that dirty. Also – swimming counts.


Joanne Sallay, President of Teachers on Call & Co-Chair of the Corsage Project
Facebook: @teachersoncall
Kids: 3 years old & 8 months old

Why you want Joanne in your League of Moms? She always has a great book recommendation!

Joanne took her corporate background and paired it with her passion for learning to take over her family business.  She now serves as President of Teachers on Call, an award-winning home tutoring service providing one-on-one instruction in all subjects and grades.  She is also a regular contributor to major print and online publications and loves to blog about educational books, games, and strategies.  But that is not all, Joanne is also the Co-Chair of the Corsage Project, a non-profit program dedicated to giving the authentic prom experience to financially deserving high-school graduates.  She has been recognized as a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipient for her community contribution helping thousands of students celebrate the milestone of high-school graduation with pride and in style.

Joanne’s Expert Advice…
Read to your kids from a young age. Read with your children every day and build it into the daily
routine. It’s never too early to start. This exposes children to a love of reading and books from a young age, but
also provides an enjoyable family activity.

Mom Hacks…
Be a multi-tasking mom by involving your children in daily activities so you can multi-task and enjoy bonding at the same time such as cooking with your kids!


Tina Nico, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of City Dance Corps
Instagram: @citydancecorps
Kids: 3 years old & 15 months old

Why you want Tina in your League of Moms? She’ll whip you into shape with her killer Ballet Bootcamp!

Tina has never feared a challenge; she started down the path of law school, but left it to pursue her passion for dance.  Though she started in ballet, she was introduced to Latin dance and has never looked back and is now a highly sought-after choreographer and teacher in Latin dance.   She has built an incredible space for the dance community since opening City Dance Corps, one of Toronto’s leading dance schools offering programs for kids to adults in various dance styles.  Her choreography has been featured in numerous television shows and has taken her to many countries to teach and perform.  Tina is an advocate for dance and the arts in Toronto and has produced and sponsored an annual showcase for Toronto’s emerging choreographers and dance companies as well as she sits on the Dance Ontario Board.  Taking dance to the stage and bringing the audience thought-provoking performances is a passion that drives her.

Tina’s school City Dance Corps will be celebrating 16 years in June and they will be offering free classes plus hosting a showcase and afterparty.  Learn more here 

Tips for having a mat leave while running your own business? Is it possible?
Depending on the business, if you can hire, then invest in hiring very good people to do your job and oversee their work daily. That’s the only way I get to keep the wheels rolling without having to leave my kids

Mom Hacks…
I keep a book in my car and read it during the times when both kids happen to fall asleep in the car.  That’s the only time I have to read!


Jen Ger & Suzie Chemel, Founders of Foxy Originals
Instagram: @foxyoriginals
Kids: 5 year old twins (Suzie), 5 & 3 years old (Jen)

Why you want Jen & Suzie in your League of Moms? They can help you accessorize any outfit!

Jennifer and Suzie founded Foxy Originals on the belief that life should be fun, bright and full of excitement. Their vision was to make high-style fashion jewelry accessible to young women.   They met in university and bonded over their love for jewelry which they together started selling at local concerts and events.  Post university they took a leap and went into business and they have never looked back.  They have built Foxy Originals to be a top-selling brand in stores across North America and a favourite among celebrities, bloggers and magazine editors.  Jen & Suzie’s business philosophy goes beyond profits; from day one they have been locally made, they have an amazing recycling program and support many charities.  These two moms have become staples in the Toronto entrepreneurial scene and have given back tremendously with their mentorship, support and of course their jewelry!

Trade secrets for balancing parenting AND entrepreneurship?
Suzie: Take a deep breath, keep calm and try to stay as patient as possible. It’s sometimes hard to switch gears from work to being a mama, but save your energy for your precious kiddos!
Jen: Trying to get out of the house without my children’s breakfast on me is a big challenge; so stay in your ‘mom clothes’ right until breakfast is complete and then get dressed for work!

Mom Hacks…
Suzie: Turn your trash into treasure! Its arts and crafts all the time at my house and my kids just can’t get enough. We recently made trains out of toilet paper rolls and egg cartons!
Jen: Instead of saying you’ll arrive at a specific time…give a window ‘I’ll be there between 3:00—3:15′


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