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I am always on the hunt for a great sports bra which can be tricky to find when you as I am on the bustier side. Given the popularity of my leggings reviews blog post, I thought I would share my feedback and share with you the best sports bra for larger breasts. I have tried a few and I’ll continue to try others, so keep checking back!

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Knix Cataylst Review

Retail Price: $98 CND

Sizes Available: 32A to 42G, Knix sizes are 1 to 8+ and each number corresponds with a traditional bra size.

Size Reco: I went down 1 size from what I would wear in a regular bra.

The Dets: This sports bra boasts itself as the best and most supportive bra which I will agree it ranks up there buuuut it’s not without its faults. This bra takes a little bit of work to get on as it is quite snug, I had to put it on around my waist and then work it up to my chest. Because it is so snug, it does push up my breasts which then pop up out of the top. The other drawback is the straps can slide down at times, but it doesn’t happen too often. With all that being said, it is still a good sports bra. Recently, Knix launched a new catalyst sports bra with a zipper front and cross back which I suspect will be an improvement on some of my issues with the original catalyst bra. It comes in basic black, white plus several other beautiful colours.

Uniboob: It might be driven by my larger chest side, but this bra (like most sports bras) does not fix the uniboob issue.

Support Score: Supportive!

Verdict: I’ve had this bra for 6 months now and overall it has held its shape and does the job and it’s on rotation with my Lululemon Enlite Bra.

Knix catalyst Reviews

Lululemon Enlite Zip Front Bra Review

Retail Price: $108 CND

Sizes Available: 32A to 38DD

Size Reco: I went down 1-2 sizes from what I would wear in a regular bra.

The Dets: I am obsessed with this sports bra! It is so comfortable and one of the most supportive sports bras I have had in a long time.  I love the crisscross back because it holds the straps in place so they don’t slide down.  I wasn’t sure about the front zipper at first, but it actually makes it easier to put the bra on and off, unlike trying to get a sweaty bra off over your head after a workout.

Uniboob: The only downside of this bra is that sadly it does not solve the problem of the uniboob.

Support Score: Excellent! Lots of support!

Verdict: I love this sports bra and have been wearing it nonstop for working out and in between since I got it.

lululemon enlite review

Anita Maximum Support Sports Bra Review

Retail Price: Various depending on where you purchase ~ $80

Sizes Available: Cup sizes B-H, band sizes 30 – 46

Size Reco: True to size or down one if you are in-between sizes.

The Dets: I first discovered the Anita sports bra around 4-5 years ago and now I have 3 of them.  It was the first sports bra that gave me the support I needed post-baby after my chest had grown significantly.  While the bra is great, it’s not perfect. I don’t love the shape it gives my breasts and I have noticed that the shoulder straps can slide down, but that may be driven by sizing or the bra stretching over time. From a look and print perspective, the bra is not the trendiest.

Uniboob: Anita sports bra is better in keeping the uniboob at bay versus other sports bras.

Support Score: Good to excellent

Verdict: This bra gets the job done

Sweaty Betty Ultra Run Sports Bra Review

Retail Price: $65 USD

Sizes Available: Cup sizes A-F, band sizes 32 – 38

Size Reco: True to size.

The Dets: I had heard about this bra through a Facebook forum and decided to give it a go.  The pros include it is a great looking bra, the support is fairly good and the material is thin but of high quality. I also love that bra has a cross back as I find that really helps from a support perspective. However, this bra is not comfortable, I found myself constantly adjusting it and I can’t wear it beyond a workout as it really digs into your skin.

Uniboob: Some

Support Score: Good

Verdict: This bra isn’t the most uncomfortable and I hesitate to recommend it for bustier girls.

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