Halo Top Ice Cream Reviews by the League

Not sure about the rest of you, but dessert is my third love after my children and husband.    It’s basically mandatory when going out for dinner and something sweet is almost always in my shopping cart.  While I was breastfeeding my daughter, I got into the habit of eating dessert every night (and often ice cream) because I was one of those lucky ones that lost weight with breastfeeding (don’t hate me!) However, now that I am not breastfeeding as often, my daily dessert habit needs to be addressed.  With that in mind, I have been on the hunt for options that allow for more frequent indulgence without the guilt; then poof I heard that Halo Top launched in Canada…was it meant to be? Maybe? I hosted a few neighbourhood moms to help me decide if Halo Top was that nightly treat missing from my life.

We tried 8 of 13 flavours as that was what I was able to find at my local Loblaws.  We critiqued based on taste and texture, and we gave each flavour a Yumminess Rating i.e. would we want to eat a whole tub, half a tub or a spoon in one sitting.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Taste: We got loads of chocolate from this flavour and less on the cookie dough, those that don’t fancy cookie dough were okay with that, but if you love cookie dough it might leave you wanting a little bit more flavour.

Texture: The consensus was the ice cream was a little bit icy and not as creamy as a traditional ice cream.  Overall, you could tell this ice cream was made out of skim milk.

Yumminess Rating: Spoon


2. Peanut Butter Swirl

Taste: For the hard-core peanut butter fans in the room, this didn’t hit the peanut butter mark, but for all others, the peanut butter taste was sufficient

Texture: This flavour was definitely more creamy then the last, but it was also airy which left us wanting a bit more density to fulfil that ice cream craving.   As a side note, we didn’t see much swirl, but that didn’t feel overly important.

Yumminess Rating: 1 spoon to a few spoons


3. Candy Bar

Texture: Candy Bar came in as the denser of the flavours and the group was digging the inclusions found here and also enjoyed the creamier texture.

Taste: This was definitely one of the top flavours of the night and was given a tasty rating as a result.

Yumminess Rating: Half a Tub


4. Birthday Cake

Taste: Birthday cake was basically the sweetest birthday cake you could ever eat.  The kids would probably go for it, but for the adult palate it was waaaay too sweet to the point that we couldn’t even finish our bowls.

Texture: Birthday Cake flavour came in more dense than some of the other flavours leaving a satisfied mouth feel.  You may also be happy to learn there are sprinkles found inside the ice cream.

Yumminess Rating: Spoon


5. Sea Salt Caramel

Taste:   This flavour definitely delivered on caramel.  For the more experienced palates, the sweetener came through, but overall it wasn’t too sweet.  The sea salt was lacking but otherwise the taste was enjoyed!

Texture: The texture didn’t win us over as it was very airy and gritty thus a far cry from the creamy ice cream feel we hoped for, but the taste still made up for the texture.

Yumminess Rating:  Half a Tub


6. Mint Chocolate Chip

Taste: The group felt the taste profile was accurate, also not two sweet, and that it had the right level of mint.  However, we were was split down the middle on the small dense chocolate chips – some loved the size and others wanted bigger.

Texture:  Similar to some other flavours the Mint Chocolate Chip was icy, however this flavour was smoother mouth feel than some of the other varieties.

Yumminess Rating:   Half a Tub


7. Pumpkin Pie

Taste: Pumpkin is the most popular fall flavour and so it is only fitting to get in an ice cream!  This one was strong in pumpkin flavour, while no one in the room was a self-proclaimed pumpkin fan it, none of us minded the flavour and felt it was accurate though powerful

Texture:  The texture was mostly a nice smooth consistency, but mix of smooth with some gritty pieces mixed in.

Yumminess Rating: 1 – 2 spoons


8. Caramel Macchiato

Taste: Clearly we saved the best for last as this one was a hit with the whole group; the taste was on point and a good representation of the flavour, it wasn’t too sweet and it was reminiscent of a Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccino, but a better-for-you version.

Texture:  While the texture wasn’t gritty, it very ‘melty’ – that’s probably not a word, but hopefully you get what I mean.  Everyone felt it was a great alternative to a Tim Horton’s Iced Cappuccino in both texture and flavour.

Yumminess Rating: Whole Tub


The mamas have spoken! Overall, the texture of Halo Top just doesn’t compare to real ice cream, so don’t expect it to, it’s either too airy or too gritty or just not as creamy as conventional ice cream.   However, flavour wise, it seemed there was at least once flavour that everyone could get behind.   Halo Top is a great alternative for those looking for low sugar options or if you want to indulge in something sweet every night.


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halo top ice cream
The League sampling Halo Top!

League of Moms / 11/01/2018

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  1. there are people out there who are firm believers that nuts are undeniably inseparable from ice cream (I hear you, Rocky Road people). However, I am a firm believer that nuts should stay out of the business of ice cream. Nonetheless, I have agreed to remain unwaveringly unbiased in this Very Important line of duty when it comes to the rest of Halo Top s nut flavors. But here s the thing about chocolate almond crunch: It smells and tastes so much like marzipan drenched in some potent AF almond extract that whatever chocolate flavor used to be there is now firmly cloaked by faux almond.

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