COVID Holiday Event Calendar

Happy COVID Christmas (!?), we’ve got at least 3 weeks ahead with the kids. Check out the list for some activities available for you and your kids during the break. Have anything to add, let me know in the comments!

Also, we’ve compiled 54 COVID safe activities to do with the kids!

Music Classes

  • Little Rebels Music is hosting several free music classes over the course of 2 weeks on Instagram. Jen & her team are top-notch at engagement! Perfect for babies to toddlers.
  • Class times: Dec 21st – 11:30am, Dec 22 – 10:30am, Dec 23 – 11:30am, Dec 24 – 10:00am, Dec 27 – 11:30am, Dec 28th – 11:30am, Dec 29th – 11:30am, Dec 30 – 11:30am
  • Popular kids performer Music with Drew, while he is taking a break over the holidays, he has tons of previous classes saved in his reels on Instagram
  • JStixx hosts virtual drumming classes for as young as 6 months. They’ll host virtual playdates for families and friends all winter long.

Developmental Classes

  • Smartiepants has an amazing catalogue of on demand classes including cooking, crafting, literacy and more, all wrapped up into one class! Classes are $9.99 each. Perfect for 0 – 4 years old.

Virtual Winter Camp

  • Oak Learners has two weeks of programming various hours between 10:00am to 5:30pm including movement, yoga, French, games and music. Check their website for full details and appropriate age by class. $10/week for up to 7 classes and $25/week for unlimited classes.

Fitness & Dance Classes for Kids

  • We are big fans of Cosmic Kids yoga – lots of yoga classes, meditation and more available for free on youtube. Great for kids as young as 2 years old. GoNoodle is another popular program for kids with games and dance.
  • Once the holidays are over, check out City Dance Corps for their variety of virtual dance classes for kids. If you want to continue dance post pandemic, it’s a good idea to start your kids with a school they can eventually actually go to.
  • Check out these ideas from the City of Toronto for some DIY movement classes

Virtual New Year’s Party

  • The GG Glam Spas have planned an epic Noon Years Eve Party for kids. You’ll need to register well in advance as they’ll send you a box in advance to participate in the activities. Cost is $39.


  • The Baker Sisters (both Canadians and moms) have put together a new Youtube channel, Lettuce Bake especially for kids who want to cook! Their latest videos include Holiday Bark and Play Dough making.
  • If you are looking for a live cooking class, check out these live baking classes for families for the Italian Wife Chef. Classes are hosted through zoom and cost $35 per family.


  • We love Best Ideas of Kids for tons of crafting ideas ranging from easy-peasy to move involved! This popular website is run by a local Ontario mom!

Christmas Lights

  • Don’t miss a chance to visit some amazing Christmas decor, we visit this festive house by the DeSario family annually as well Kringlewood, a Toronto street that is lined with 50 blow-up Santas. Check all these other houses!

League of Moms / 12/22/2020

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