8 Ways to Capture Your Baby’s First Year

Like you, I’ve seen those amazing viral videos of babies growing over the course of a year and while we wish that could be all of us, that type of dedication is not for all of us, so here are a few ideas that are hopefully a little more manageable ways to capture your new baby over their first year!

1. Dear Baby….
This is the easiest and more fireproof baby book you’ll ever make! Step 1) Start your little offspring with their own email address Step 2) Write them emails. That’s right, there is no rule on what, when or how long you write, but just write them! You know you are on your phone anyways, so send your little sweetie a note about their day, something funny they did or simply how they’ve made your heart grow 1x million times! Bonus: You can give the email address to other caregivers such as grandparents so they can share stories and pictures too.

2. Annual Letter
Each year on your baby’s birthday, you write them a letter. Call it a year in review – reflect on all the amazing things they have learned and perhaps you have learned alongside with them. This is your chance to get a little gushy and cheesy as it is their birthday after all and the anniversary of you bringing life into this world – that is very heavy stuff! Have your partner do the same; you’ll enjoy reading each other’s perspective on your baby’s year.

3. 365 or 366 days of Babe!
If you like taking pictures, then I suggest a photo a day of your little bundle of pride! You can do it via Instagram and add a clever hashtag #firstnamemiddlename or #babyname365, or you can just do it with google photos – they save, store and date your photos so it makes it soooo easy! Also, they’ll remind you about photos you took a year prior, which is a sweet walk down memory lane. Bonus: There are lots of programs out there to turn those photos into a sweet book!

4. Baby’s ABC’s
Capture any special moments of your baby’s first year and put into their own ABC’s. For example if you’re child’s first food was squash, list that under ‘S’, their first word was mama, that goes under ‘M’ and so on! Yes, it will be hard to fill in all the letters like ‘X’ but you can cheat with using their first ultrasound under X-ray (kinda the same thing..right?). You can do it in a word document, or if you are really fancy you can add photos and leverage a book-making website to print it.

5. Baby’s Family
To help your baby learn their family; take a photo of them with those important people in their lives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and create a book so that part of their bedtime routine they can learn those key people that make up their family!

6. Annual Video
On the occasion of your child’s birthdays (starting at 2-3 years old), record them answering a bunch of questions! It will be adorable for you and for them in the future to see their development over time and of course, you can evolve the questions as they get older! There are no rules as to what questions to ask, but here are a few to get you started. Keep in mind at the age of 2-3 years old – it may be hard to lock them down to actually answer any questions, but if they do the result will be awesome!

1) What is your name?
2) Where do you live?
3) What is your favourite food/snack?
4) Who is your best friend?
5) What is your favourite book?
6) What are your mom and dad’s names?
7) What do you want to be when you grow up?
8) Who is your favourite teacher/daycare caregiver?
9) When is your birthday?
10) How old are you?
11) What is your favourite song? (have them sing it)
12) What is your pet’s name?
13) What is your favourite animal?

7. Video Montage
You are probably recording videos of your kids on your phone, so here is your chance to be a movie director. Take your favourites and clip them together into one video; this can be done fairly easily with programs like google photos. You can add a fancy intro page or music but they don’t need it. Bonus: this is great entertainment for your kid while you are trying to get dinner ready! My son use to say “watch me baby” when he wanted to watch his special video!

8. Baby’s Top 10
If you do nothing else, just record these key moments for your little one as they will probably be interested in knowing these key milestones.
1) First time they crawled
2) First time they walked
3) First food they ate
4) First word
5) First time they smiled
6) First time they laughed
7) First time they rolled over
8) First time they laughed
9) First favourite book
10) First favourite toy

So there you have it! Your little one’s first year documented up, down, this way, that way – momarazzi the heck out of it, because it’s your year too! Oh and on that note, don’t forget to get some special mommy and photos.  You can find a ton of great photographers here.

Sweet photo provided by Myung-Won Seo on Unsplash

League of Moms / 02/15/2021

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