Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

The right subscription box can be awesome for your child's development and your connection with them. While I don't subscribe to any long term, I will grab one or two over the summer or winter breaks when I know we'll have more time together as a fa

League of Moms / 11/13/2020

High Support Sports Bras Reviews

I am always on the hunt for a great sports bra which can be tricky to find when you as I am on the bustier side. Given the popularity of my leggings reviews blog post, I thought I would share my feedback and share with you the best sports bra for la

League of Moms / 11/06/2020

VERY Important Leggings Research!

I am personally alternating between leggings and sweatpants these days so I thought it was time to update this blog post. Also if you like this post, check out my new post on Sports Bras. If you are looking for workout classes (virtual or in rea

League of Moms / 11/06/2020

Best Back To School Gear

September has arrived which means school is just around the corner. I've done the testing and research on the best back to school gear so that you don't have to! Have anything you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments! Lunch Cont

League of Moms / 09/02/2020

Yellofruit Reviews by the League

Want to make friends in your neighbourhood?  One word. Three syllables. YellofruitTM!   Yep! I put the call out to my neighbourhood League of Moms and their kids to come to a YellofruitTM tasting party in my backyard one su

League of Moms / 07/08/2019

Knix Reviews by the League

Urgh…Periods.  I think it is safe to say we all hate them PERIOD!   So what’s a girl to do every month but grin and bare it? Well yeah, but also NO!  You have some options when it comes to your period, like are you a tampons g

League of Moms / 05/21/2019

Book Review: Feeling Better

Have you ever read a self-help book? No? Me neither, I have never thought of myself as the self-help book type.  Obviously, there isn't a type and it's a ridiculous thought, but yet still I haven't found myself down that Indigo aisle. 

League of Moms / 12/11/2018

Baby Proofing Your Home 101

So maybe you just had a baby, but they grow soooo fast and before you know it that newborn will be eating, crawling, walking and so on! With that in mind, I want to help you figure out the ins and outs of baby proofing! Do you really need to baby pro

League of Moms / 11/04/2018

Halo Top Ice Cream Reviews by the League

Not sure about the rest of you, but dessert is my third love after my children and husband.    It’s basically mandatory when going out for dinner and something sweet is almost always in my shopping cart.  While I was breastfeeding my daughter,

League of Moms / 11/01/2018

Have You Ever Avoided a Workout Because of Your Boobs?

Attention mamas!  Have you ever avoided a workout class because of your boobs? Have you ever had to double bra those very boobs? YES? Then, I need your attention, actually, your boobs need you to pay attention. I recently got to test out the Būb

League of Moms / 04/17/2018

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