Summer To Do List: COVID EDITION

Now that ‘school” is out for the summer, we’ve got a whole summer of entertaining our kids – for some of us basically nothing has changed, for others daycares and summer camp are an option but for those that need summer ideas in and around To

League of Moms / 07/10/2020

Top Activities for Kids (According to Moms)

With two weeks under our belts, we reached out to the League of Moms community to find out what their favourite easy activities are for keeping their young kids (2-7 years olds) busy! Want to get posts like this delivered straight to your inbo

League of Moms / 03/30/2020

56 Activities to Do at Home with Kids

So it's official, we are going to be hanging around the house more than we expected. Yes, trips have been cancelled, and our lives will be a little out of order, but here is hoping it will end with a positive result. In an effort to help, here are

League of Moms / 03/13/2020

Overcoming the Mental Load of Motherhood

Mamas, I am writing this blog post while on a plane headed for a girls’ trip.  In preparation for the trip, not only have I packed and organized for my trip, but I have also coordinated for extra babysitting when my husband has to work, picked

League of Moms / 11/19/2019

How to Avoid Summer Sleep Issues

Living where the sun and warm weather only make their appearance for a few brief months each year, a veritable party breaks out in my home when we’re finally able to say “It’s summer!!” But, as tempting as it can be to get into a pattern of l

League of Moms / 07/30/2019

3 Birthday Party Trends to Consider Before Your Next Party

If you have a child then you are no stranger to birthday parties.  They start at 1 years old and then go until what feels like forever!  While I am happy to celebrate my kid’s friends; these birthday parties are always loud, there is usua

League of Moms / 07/15/2019

Dressing Your Post Baby Body: Tips from a Stylist

I remember the first time I looked in the mirror post labour. My logical brain knew that things wouldn’t miraculously bounce back to the way they were nine months prior but my emotional, hormonal brain was angry. Seriously, haven’t I been through

League of Moms / 06/17/2019

Baby Sleep: Help Your Baby Wind Down for Sleep

Have questions or comments? Contact us here. Want to get posts like this delivered straight to your inbox? Join our email list! Do you have a little one that fights sleep? Do the waterworks start as soon a

League of Moms / 05/28/2019

Pregnancy Blues; What You Need to Know

I know we have all heard about postpartum depression and many have heard of baby blues, but pregnancy blues, what is that?  Honestly, I didn’t know it was a thing.  In my first pregnancy, I was so happy. It was something I really wanted and it to

League of Moms / 01/27/2019

Goal Setting for the New Year (or any time really)

Happy New Year to you! I know some of us don’t like the ideas of resolutions, but what about setting goals for 2019? I personally love setting goals for the year ahead so I have a guide of where to focus my energy.  I asked four experts (career co

League of Moms / 01/13/2019

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