How to Rock Your Mat Leave

Hey you! Congrats on this amazing and exciting milestone in your life…having a baby!  You will quickly see that this baby thing is a major game changer on sooooo many levels in your life!  One major game-changer is mat leave; we are pretty lucky

League of Moms / 04/04/2021

8 Ways to Capture Your Baby’s First Year

Like you, I've seen those amazing viral videos of babies growing over the course of a year and while we wish that could be all of us, that type of dedication is not for all of us, so here are a few ideas that are hopefully a little more manageable wa

League of Moms / 02/15/2021

Your Maternity Leave is Over…How to Survive Going Back to Work!

Going back to work after maternity leave is hard!  It doesn't matter if you are excited about going back to the ‘real world’ or dreading the 9 to 5 grind; it’s going to be a transition, so be easy on yourself.  Here are our 7 tips for transi

League of Moms / 01/11/2021

5 Ways to Avoid Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave

Admit it, you have spent some time thinking about how to avoid going back to work after maternity leave.  Whether you like your job or not, we've all thought after it at some point because you didn't carry a watermelon for 9 months just hand it

League of Moms / 04/10/2018

Dating As A New Mom, It’s Not What You Think!

As a new mom, I expected those nights of blissful sleep to be long gone, I suspected my body wouldn’t be what it once was and I knew my life would simply never be the same. However, here is what I didn’t know…I’d be dating again! That’s rig

League of Moms / 01/17/2018

How to ROCK Your Maternity Leave

In Canada, we are lucky to get a whole 365 days of maternity leave and with the new legislation, some moms may even opt for 18 months off.  While the first 100 days or so are a little bit of a write off as you are just figuring out how to stay a

League of Moms / 10/23/2017

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