What is Postpartum Anxiety?

Sally is a new mom to a healthy, 5 month old baby boy. Sally describes feeling consumed by worries that her baby will stop breathing in his sleep. She feels tense, restless, and unable to fall asleep most days. Because of these worries, Sally sleeps

League of Moms / 04/30/2019

Mood Food: 5 Foods that Reduce Stress

The food a mother eats is seriously connected to her mood. At Talking Tree Wellness, we chat a lot about Mood Food - the foods we can choose to improve our mental wellness while reducing the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. As moms, we can

League of Moms / 04/30/2019

Earth Day: 5 Steps to a Greener Home

Earth Day is the perfect excuse to up your green home game. But what happens when all the eco-friendly festivities are over? We can all probably agree that Earth Day really should be every day… but that’s easier said than done. Afterall, life is

League of Moms / 04/20/2019

Why Kegel Exercises Might Be Bad for You

We Pilates teachers love to talk about Kegel exercises. Like, all the time. Not just in class but at dinner parties, too (well, maybe that’s just me). It’s for good reason: engaging your Kegels works your pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles ar

League of Moms / 04/09/2019

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy 101

Pelvic floor physiotherapy has gotten some buzz in the mom world as of late, however, we know that many of us don't really understand what it is all about and why it might be an important part of our pregnancy and postpartum journey. We asked Chana R

League of Moms / 04/02/2019

Sex Therapy: Is It For Me?

How do you know if sex therapy is for you? Maybe things aren’t going so well in the postpartum period, but I mean really, isn’t that to be expected? Short answer— yes! Of course! Postpartum life is so hard and there is no shortage of challenges

League of Moms / 03/18/2019

Two Things I’m Giving Moms Permission to Do

By Megan Day, MSc, CLC . Owner and Certified Life Coach at Rooted & Vibrant I often hear mom’s saying that they feel overwhelmed. That there is not enough time in the day. That their house is a mess. That they don’t have time to cook healthy

League of Moms / 03/04/2019

The First 48 Hours with a New Baby!

I've got a friend expecting a new baby very soon which made me reflect on what those first 48 hours after giving birth were.  For me, it was equal parts magical and equal parts sleepless, nipple leaking, shit show! While we are all going to have a

League of Moms / 03/26/2018

Work Out with well&tight + Free Work Outs!

Feature Friday: Have you heard of well&tight? Well you NEED to! We've been enjoying their classes over the past 4 weeks and we are hooked! A mix of classes from HIIT, Barre, Yoga and Mom & Baby - you'll find something that suits you.  The v

League of Moms / 03/22/2018

Healthy Eating Tips for Busy Moms

Allison Martineau, Sweetpea Nutrition Moms are busy. I know that is one of those captain obvious kind of statements, but sometimes it requires repeating.  Being a new mom or a new working mom means that what worked for you before having children

League of Moms / 01/10/2018

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