Have You Ever Avoided a Workout Because of Your Boobs?

Attention mamas!  Have you ever avoided a workout class because of your boobs? Have you ever had to double bra those very boobs? YES? Then, I need your attention, actually, your boobs need you to pay attention.

I recently got to test out the Būband – a supportive band for your boobs. Created by the company Founder and CEO Lynne Koziey, who recognized that many women were doubling up on sports bras in a bid to beat the bounce and she knew there had to be a better way!

So How Does it Work?
The Būband is a like a headband for your boobs.  You start by putting it on like a bra (but you put it on top of your bra/sports bra) and it sits just across the fullest part of your boobs.  The sizing is really important to ensure it’s not too tight and feels comfortable to the point that you don’t feel it.  The Būband helps control the bounce, because what goes up needs to come down, but if the Būband stops your boobs from bouncing up.


1. Bounce Test:
Being of the bustier variety I wasn’t sure what to expect and while the bounce doesn’t go away completely, the Būband helps with feeling supported and not worrying that your boobs will knock you out!  So that’s a win! See the video c/o Būband (below).

2. Sports Test:
My Būband held up through intense HIIT class, dance class, and a barre class.  I hate running so you are on your own there!

3. Practicalities
Putting the Būband was fairly easy, but took some getting use as to where to wear it.  There was some adjusting required during my work out at first i.e. it was sliding a little bit.  I will say it looked a little funny ie flattened my boobs a little, but I have really big boobs!  Kind in mind, if you wear it under a loose-fitting shirt or tank, it won’t be as noticeable.

Overall: Two non-bouncing boobs up!
I really knew I loved my Būband, when I was prepping to go to my well&tight HIIT class and I couldn’t find my Būband.  I was running around the house looking in every corner! The fear I felt was that of misplacing my wallet and that’s when I knew that it was now a vital part of workout attire.

Want Your Own Būband!
Thank you to Lynne (follow her on Instagram here) for providing me with a Būband to test out! My boobs especially thank you! If you want to learn more about the Būband, how to put it on, or view a size guide, you can visit her website.    Also, thanks to Lynne, we are giving away one Būband (enter below) and for anyone that can’t wait to get one you can get 10% off using promo code Buband10.


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League of Moms / 04/17/2018

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