Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

The right subscription box can be awesome for your child’s development and your connection with them. While I don’t subscribe to any long term, I will grab one or two over the summer or winter breaks when I know we’ll have more time together as a family. They also make great gift and check out the Canadian options listed below too – a chance to support a Canadian business always feels good too! Check out some of the best subscription boxes for kids!

ByUs (Canadian!)

This innovative and timely subscription box was created by two Toronto moms (cause moms rock!).  The ByUs Box is a monthly toolkit to help guide families in raising anti-racist and inclusive children.  Full stop. This is amazing!  We were lucky to be a BETA family for this subscription box which just launched to the public this month. The boxes are divided into 3 groupings: Baby (0 – 2), Preschool (3 – 5), and Elementary (6-8), and each box comes with educational and interactive activities specifically for your child’s age.  There is also a box for parents so we (you + I) can work towards being anti-racist and inclusive as well.  Each kid box comes with educational tools for parents, a toy, a book and an activity. For example, our preschool Blackness themed box came with a Black Barbie, a book showing black lead characters and more! My adult box came with a book “So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo and more tools for me like recommendations on shows to watch and books to read. I also love that each box is curated by a member of the community is it showcasing supported by educational experts. Act fast and you can get 15% off with code Leagueofmoms and either a box or activity (you can buy some of the activities separately for as low as $11), delivered in time for the holidays! Boxes ship across Canada & US.

Verdict: This should be mandatory learning

Byus is a subscription box for kids, helping parents raise anti-racist and inclusive kids.
Byus Box

Kiwico (Made in the US)

Kiwico is the largest of the kids subscription boxes.  Like all good things, it was started by a mom who enjoyed creating developmental activities for her own kids which grew into a serious business that now has shipped over 20 million boxes to kids and adults from 0 to 99 years old.  If you are an eager beaver and want to get your child ready for Med School then you can start with the Panda crate which is designed for babies 0 to 24 months old.  Depending on the age of your child and your budget, you can get a kit every month or just purchase one box to test it out.  One year, I got my son a crate so we would have some activities to do over the winter break and it was a big hit for both of us as I parent better with activities rather than winging it! Crates start as low as $20 + shipping if you sign up for the year.  As your child gets older, the crates dive into art projects, science experiments and other STEM activities! Use this link to get your first 4 crates free for a limited time or 30% off your first crate.

Verdict: Two Canadian thumbs up!

Lovevery (US)

This ultra-beautiful subscription box is designed to foster brain development for babies and toddlers 0 – 3 years old so you can skip all the books and let this team do the work for you.  Each box is created by experts and designed with your child’s developmental stage in mind.  The products inside are also of high quality and environmentally conscious with wooden toys, organic cotton and even carbon offset are considered for shipping. Boxes start at $36/month. While I haven’t tried this one myself, this one comes as a favourite of League parents!

Verdict: Lots to love(very) here!

KoloKidZ (Canadian)

Created by parents based in Montreal, these educational boxes are designed for kids 4 – 7 years old.  We were lucky to get gifted a box last year and we really enjoyed it! We got the ‘body box’ which included making a skeleton, an activity book and some games and experiments all related to the body.  It lasted us a while with so many activities and many we went back to.  I love that this kid’s subscription box is also Canadian. Monthly boxes start at $30 with free shipping across Canada.

Verdict: Oui Oui!

KoloKidz is one of the best subscription boxes for kids

Little Passports (US)

Little Passports is the grandfather of kid’s subscription boxes.  It started as a way for kids to learn about the world around them and while most of their boxes still focus on geography, they have also added science boxes.  Also started by two moms (moms just don’t stop), this subscription is suitable for kids 3 years old and up and the boxes start at $19.95 USD + shipping for a 12 months subscription.

Verdict: Only way you’ll get to travel for the next while

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League of Moms / 11/13/2020

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