Best Back To School Gear

September has arrived which means school is just around the corner. I’ve done the testing and research on the best back to school gear so that you don’t have to! Have anything you would add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Lunch Containers

President's Choice Bento Box Review

Top Choice: President’s Choice bento box, it’s affordable, compact and easy to clean. I love it because it is the perfect size for my kid’s lunches but it’s not too big to fit into their backpacks. It’s under $15 and it is also leak resistant.

Watch Out: Some people have reported that they break, but I haven’t had any issues.

Runner Up: Yumboxes, they are durable, compact and come in different configurations, but they do cost a pretty penny at over $40 dollars. Yumboxes are also leakproof with yogurt type substances (not liquid).

Pro Tip: You want a lunch box that has a base and lid attached so there is less risk for losing parts.

Snack Boxes / Bags

You’ll want snacks boxes or bags for those days you don’t plan to send the lunch box or when you want to send extra snacks.

Top Choice (bags): Stasher bags are my #1 pick for snack bags as they are made of a thick and durable silicone material which keeps snacks fresh. They are also affordable starting at $9.99. I have tried the snacks bags made of non-silicone material but I don’t find those keep in the freshness and snacks go stale.

Top Choice (boxes): President’s Choice has a small snack box version of their bento lunch box. Like the lunch box, the snack box is affordable (under $10), easy to clean and compact

Runner Up: Sistema has lots of options for both lunch and snack boxes. Their lunch boxes are too big (in my opinion), but their snack boxes are a great size and very durable. The only downside is the lid and base are not attached so make sure to label everything!

Insulated Food Container (A.K.A a Thermos)

An insulated food container is great for sending leftovers or to change things up to send a hot lunch. I send stuff like chicken nuggets, leftover pizza or grilled cheese.

Top Choice: The Thermos brand thermoses are my top choice! It’s great at holding heat and it comes in various sizes. I have a small one for each of my kids with their favourite characters, but I suggest you are smarter than me and get a basic design so you don’t have to replace it when your kid no longer likes a certain character.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to label both the base and the lid for your thermos

Water Bottles

Given COVID-19, water fountains will not be open and thus a good water bottle (or maybe two) are necessary! I bought my son a larger one to hold more water for the day.

Top Choice: Funtainer made by Thermos is my go-to! It’s durable, it doesn’t leak, it has a lid that covers the straw and it holds cold water for 12 hours! I also like that it has a pop up carrying handle.

Lunch Bag

A lunch bag will be handy for those days you don’t send the bento lunch container and instead, you might send a Thermos plus snack boxes.

Top Choice: Keep Leaf is my top choice because they have cute styles and they have a special exterior coating that wipes clean and I promise you it will get dirty!


I know don’t want to overload your tiny kid with a big bag, but they will need a bag that fits a lunch, snowpants and maybe some books!

Top Choice: Parkland backpacks are cute, durable and the perfect size (not too big, not too small). As far as backpacks go, they are well priced $30-$45 and they are eco-friendly as they are made from recyclable material. Go with the Bayside which has an exterior pocket for holding water.


These are a must in my books! If I can give you one piece of advise, you want to label everything and over label it if you need to – top/bottom/side to side. I didn’t lose anything last year because I labeled everything!

Top Choice: I like Mabel’s Labels as they have proven to be very durable with great designs! Use code ‘leagueofmoms’ to get 10% off.

Pro Choice: You can order one label for all your kids. Simply use your last name or first intials and last names.

Other Accessories

Little forks are useful for eating fruits and can fit into lunch containers easily.

Silicone muffins cups are great for diving up snacks

Sticky Jokes are a super cute notes with jokes to include in your kid’s lunchbox. Perfect for the kid that can read or is learning to read.

Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments!

If school isn’t in the cards for you kids, then are some ideas for homeschool here and here.

League of Moms / 09/02/2020

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