Baby Proofing Your Home 101

So maybe you just had a baby, but they grow soooo fast and before you know it that newborn will be eating, crawling, walking and so on! With that in mind, I want to help you figure out the ins and outs of baby proofing! Do you really need to baby proof? How much is enough? Too much? I asked the pros at Kiddie Proofers to share what every parent should consider.

Do you really need to baby proof?

Yes. Baby proofing can be as simple as re-arranging or eliminating dangerous items in your home or as extreme as a full lockdown of cabinets, drawers and furniture. Baby proofing is very individual not only to your home, but to your lifestyle and the activity level of your child.

What should parents budget for baby proofing? 

There are many baby proofing options that cost little to no money. Eliminating or re-arranging dangerous items in your home is the first step to making your home a safer place for your children.

The most commonly requested baby proofing item is baby gates. This is often a non-negotiable item as many families live in multi-level homes and a correctly installed baby gate is your best option for preventing falls. Typically a baby gate and installation will cost around $150 for a standard staircase.

What items in the home might be surprising dangerous for baby and need to be put away?

A common mistake parents can make is attaching their baby monitor to the crib. This is extremely dangerous as the baby can pull the cord into the crib and it can become a strangulation hazard. At Kiddie Proofers, we suggest mounting the monitor on the wall, securing the cord to the wall and plugging it into a secured electrical outlet. This is the safest set up for a baby monitor.

When should you start baby proofing?

Babies can become mobile almost overnight. Parents often call us urgently needing baby gates as their baby has just started crawling or walking.  Most babies become mobile around 8-10 months which is typically when most parents realize they need baby proofing. Its best to plan to baby proof your home just before your baby becomes mobile so you can be as prepared as possible for them to start crawling and walking.

If parents are on a limited budget, what is most important/bare minimum in baby proofing their home? 

Kiddie Proofers offers baby proofing solutions for the entire home, but the most requested item is baby gates. Falls in the home are the number one cause of unintentional injury to children. While a watchful eye is always the best method of baby proofing, a professionally installed baby gate at the top and bottom of your staircase will prevent your little one from potential falls.

Why do you think people should get gates professionally installed vs doing it themselves?

While parents can purchase the right product, if it is not installed correctly it will not do its job correctly.  This can pose an even greater danger to children. Also, parents can struggle with installing gates into areas of the home that have unusual configurations or difficult material to install into. At Kiddie Proofers we have seen it all and can create a custom gate solution for both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. We offer custom wrapping mounts which will eliminate the need for drill holes in posts and trim, protecting the aesthetics of your home. Lastly, we can save you time by installing your gates for you – with so much experience, we can do it in a fraction of the time it will take you.  Leave the hard work to us!

So, do you really need to baby proof? That is a personal choice, but for me I can’t watch my kids every second of the day and so having gates and cabinet locks were non-negotiables.  I turned to the pros and specifically Kiddie Proofers three times now (I have moved twice since having babies!) for my home safety needs.  For me it was important to ensure it was done correctly and I felt that was a small price to ensure the safety of my kids.  I chose Kiddie Proofers because they have been in business since 1990s and they are serious and extremely passionate about the safety of your kids!  I personally got to meet Dave, the owner of Kiddie Proofers and it’s clear he has a passion for safety!  He actually talked my hear off (in a good way) about safety!  It’s not just a business to the team at Kiddie Proofers which is why they will only carry certain brands of baby gates and car seats.   Also they offer appointments or walk in car seat installation services at their store and they are mobile and can come to you for any service offered in their store including car seat installations, baby proofing inside to pool fencing your outside.  In fact, one of their newest offerings is a virtual home assessment, talk about convenience!

You can check out Kiddie Proofers at their location at or learn more about their services here.

League of Moms / 11/04/2018

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