56 Activities to Do at Home with Kids

So it’s official, we are going to be hanging around the house more than we expected. Yes, trips have been cancelled, and our lives will be a little out of order, but here is hoping it will end with a positive result. In an effort to help, here are 56 ideas of things for you and/or your kids to do for the next few weeks!

Also, just a little P.S.A. don’t feel bad about TV time, now is the time to survive. Consider keeping a loose daily schedule to help set expectations and create a little bit of a routine for the kids. If you need some support, Datenight Babysitting is offering virtual babysitting services. There is also lots of live entertainment for the kids to check out our social distancing event calendar here.

Anything you would add to the list?

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1 – Potty Training; yep if your kid is the right age, might as well use this hibernation as a good time to go for it. In fact, if you need a little bit of extra help, you can schedule 30 min with Rosalee Lahaie Hera, a Certified Potty Training Consultant for a Potty training consult for only $19.

2 – Make photo books – photos will make you happy and you know you have been putting this off for a while. You can read our reviews of the best and worst ones! You can get your kids involved by having them help you choose pictures!

3 – Write emails to your kids; I send them emails sharing the cute things they do and I recently starting sharing stories like how their dad and I met!

4 – Choreograph a family dance; frankly this should be #1 on the list.

5 – Look at old photos/videos such as your wedding video, they’ll love it!

6 – Paint by Stickers perfect for 4 to 99 years old (it’s exactly as it sounds)!

7 – Make a movie with your kids; have them come up with a story, they star in it, you film and edit.

8 – Cook & bake with the kids; kids love cooking and baking. Pro-tip is to have everything ready and premeasured to make it a little less messy. Turn on the camera and call it a cooking show and watch their personalities come out! You can even live stream with the grandparents.

9 – Make puppets and put on a puppet show. You can make puppets from really any material, but also check these reusable ones.

10 – Create a treasure map and hide treasures for them to find. You can even use this tool for organizing scavenger hunts with friends (but at a distance of course)

11- Make construction paper rings to decorate the house. Imagine you made 10 a day, you would have 210 after 3 weeks of no school!

12- Dress up parties; I regularly let my kids try on my inexpensive costume jewellery and they love it!

13 – Obstacle course; set up chairs to run around, blocks to hop over, a blanket to log roll on. This is a regular game in my home.

14 – If you have a Preschooler or JKer these wipe up clean boards are great for practising letters or pen skills.

15 – Crafting; here is an epic website with so many crafts and it was created by a GTA mom!

16 – A donation challenge for older kids.

17 – Have your kids write a book! My 4 year created a little ‘L’ book with pictures of things that start with the letter L and he is so proud of it that he reads it to his sister often.

18 – Movies (for the kids), lots of them and don’t feel bad about it!

19 – Hide & Seek; it’s a favourite for my kids who are 2 and 4 years old.

20 – Spring cleaning & organizing- you need to do it anyways and this way your house will be clean for the next pandemic (#kidding). BTW, if are looking to get rid of baby gear, Rebelstork – a quality secondhand marketplace for baby gear is picking up for FREE throughout March.

21 – Hot & cold game; remember that game as a kid?

22 – Make chocolate – you can do it from scratch or do like I do where I buy melting chocolate and have the kids pour into moulds and decorate with sprinkles.

23 – Experiment with ‘cocktails’ ie juice + sparkling water and garnishes, adults can add alcohol.

24 – Science experiments, these ones are specific about viruses

25 – Sign up for subscription activity and education boxes such as Little Passports or Kiwico. You can sign up for just one month.

26 – Wrap up old toys they forgot about and regift them to your kids (can’t guarantee this one will work).

27 – Build a fort with all those Amazon boxes you’ll have from ordering.

28 – DIY bowling; use your empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls as your pins.

29 – Facetime playdates; I actually think the kids would really love this because it will be something they haven’t done before.

30 – Family workouts.

31 – Olympic games and medal ceremony.

32 – Music family jams.

33 – Create a play store; have your kids make play money, price tag, name their store, set their prices.

34 – Simon says – another classic game that you might have forgotten about!

35 – Follow the leader (outside edition), but keep your distance from others. Let your kids lead you around the neighbourhood.

36 – Tower building challenge. Use building blocks, cardboard boxes, whatever you have! Make sure you have some tape on hand too.

37 – Play school; your kids are the teachers. This might actually give you insight into what their teachers are like.

38 – Magic carpet rides; if you have hardwood floors and a blanket, simply pull your kids on the blanket. This is a good full-body workout for you.

39 – Make banana ice cream.

40 – Build a summer bucket list for when this is all over!

41 – Puzzles! I am tempted to buy these puzzles for me!

42 – Some amazing teacher put this list together of various tools (many free)!

43 – Take an epic bubble bath; think Mexican resort foam party kinda bath.

44 – Family podcasts; I haven’t looked into them myself but I know they are out there!

45 – Cupcakes decorating: bust out the sprinkles, pretzels, mini Reece’s Pieces, whatever you have on hand and get decorating!

46 – Hopscotch + outdoor chalk; there are bound to be some nice weather days coming.

47 – Head to the beach on a nice day; an easy place to keep your distance

48 – Lay down and let them put stickers on you #winwin.

49 – Audiobooks for kids (free for 30 days)!

50 – Have a good old fashion tea party.

51 – Peekapak is offering its resources for free to schools temporarily. Peekapak engages Pre-K to 5th-grade students in learning skills like self-regulation and empathy. Tell your schools! Use this link.

52 – Cosmic Kids Yoga has a 14-day free trial. It’s storytelling and yoga all wrapped up into one! My 4 year has been asking to do it! Pro-tip: make sure to put a date in your calendar for when you need to end your subscription if you don’t want to pay.

53 – Epic is a leading digital library for kids 12 and under and you can get 30 days for free!

54 – Create a stop motion movie! Here’s an app to help you with it!

55 – Watch the animals in the Cincinnati zoo live broadcast at 3pm daily!

56 – Arts for Kids hub guides your kids on how to draw!

League of Moms / 03/13/2020

6 thoughts on “56 Activities to Do at Home with Kids”

  1. Great list! Thank you! My daughter is off for 5 weeks and I still have to leave for work daily. It’s going to be a gong show, but it helps to know we are all in this together 🙂

  2. We’ve been watching documentaries about places we’d like to visit.

    Come dinner time, we go into cooking class mode and my kids will be making dinners as if they were in class. Today’s menu: buffalo wings and two types of fries.

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