5 Brands to Watch and Support for Earth Day

At League of Moms we love to support and highlight locally owned small businesses. With Earth Day this week, we are excited to highlight some local earth-conscious brands. These brands aruse creative solutions to create second hand and zero waste businesses and guess what they are all founded by moms!

Anything we missed that we should add to the list? Comment below and let us know.


Rebelstork is a three-year-old locally owned business started by a Toronto mom who saw an opportunity when it came to buying and selling second-hand baby gear. The only options were Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List and Kijiji which often resulted in cringeworthy moments with buyers haggling and/or not showing up. Rebelstork was born where they do all of the leg work for you or you can use the platform to sell your gear in a more pleasant experience. It is a no-haggle, no-hassle way to sell your baby gear.

Plus: if you are a League of Moms subscriber use code FIRST15 for 15% off your first order!

Little Nudnik

Little Nudkik was created by two Toronto sisters who saw firsthand the huge issues with textile waste while working for the family business, a waste management company. It was their inspiration to create a zero-waste business in the dirtiest of businesses, fashion. Nudnik uses textile created while manufacturing products where the waste would otherwise pollute the planet to create the cutest future proof kidswear.  We can’t wait for their adult line!

If you purchase during Earth Month use code LOVEEARTH for 35% off and for Earth Day they are having a buy 1 get one free!

Beeja May

Beeja May is a brand focused on pre-loved clothing for kids and moms founded by a Toronto based couple. What started as a side business out of their home to satisfy their need for quality second-hand clothes for their own child has now turned into a full-time business for the couple that continues to grow! They house thousands of second-hand items and include a shop for children, women, maternity and nursing, books and zero waste products. Shopping here is good for your wallet, good for the community and good for the earth!

Ode to Toy

Ode to Toy is a brand new sustainable toy business created by a Toronto Mom! If you are selling, Ode to Toy picks up all of your gently used toys and books for free and if you are buying, they ensure all items are in good working condition and bring them right to your door! Bonus, nothing on their site is over $99.99 so it is good for your wallet too! Shop by age, type of play, books or condition, there is something for every parent!

Save 10% off your first order by joining their email list!

Sprout Collection

Sprout Collection is a clothing rental service that started with rental maternity wear, but has expanded to include a wide variety of women’s clothing. Get the process started with three easy steps: first, choose a rental package that suits your needs (i.e. one box a month, unlimited boxes a month, or one off rentals), next pick your pieces with options from workwear, casual and occasion, lastly wear for one month, return them and pick out your next collection! They have made shipping items back easy with their pre-paid shipping label. Bonus, if you love something that you have rented you can keep it for 50% off the retail price. 

Take $20 off your first box with code 20OFFTODAY at checkout. 

Comment below and let us know what brands you will be watching and supporting this earth day! 

League of Moms / 04/22/2021

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