3 Birthday Party Trends to Consider Before Your Next Party

If you have a child then you are no stranger to birthday parties.  They start at 1 years old and then go until what feels like forever!  While I am happy to celebrate my kid’s friends; these birthday parties are always loud, there is usually a least one kid crying and there is always too much sugar!  However, there are some trends that are making birthday parties more bearable and we asked Julie LeJeune, Founder of Wish & Give, an easy-to-use platform for community members to plan events and raise money for their favourite local charity, to share those trends that we all hope are here to stay! 

1. Group Gifts with a Charitable Donation

No more shopping!!  Woohoo!  This trend is here to stay.  Parents can set up their invitation online through various platforms, I obviously recommend Wish & Give as our platform supports over 86,000 grassroots charities for the host to choice from.  Guests can choose how much they want to contribute toward a group gift and to the charity chosen by the host. A win-win!   I love the contribution to a group gift as the kid is getting exactly what they want, parents are saving time from having to drive to the store, pick out a piece of non-recyclable plastic, find the wrapping paper, wrap it and so on! Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.  The birthday kid can use the cash gift for an experience, one larger gift or save it and learn the value of a dollar.  And we all get to feel great about giving to a local charity.   It’s also a great way to teach both the birthday kid and the guest kids the importance of giving back. Special events turned into important life lessons.  Another win-win!

Another trend is a fiver party, though it doesn’t have a charitable angle, guests are asked to bring only $5 which contributes to a larger group gift. Again super easy for guest and happy kid!

2. Sustainable Loot Bags

What kid doesn’t go giddy over a tiny plastic jar of slime or a plastic slinky, but then it just ends up tossed to the side after a few hours of entertainment.  Not to mention the environmental waste plastic causes.  Candy is another sticky subject.  Do kids really need more sugar after a party?

A few sustainable options we love for loot bags:

– Books

– Tee shirt, pyjamas or socks

– Gift card to a local café, ice cream store or bookstore

– Edible loot bag i.e. snacks like granola bars, homemade muffins etc.

– School supplies

– Plant or seedlings

Tip: Have lots of random pieces of plastic?  Check out Tiny Toy Co. to up cycle it! 

3. No Cupcakes at School

Save the treats for the party and at home! With 20+ kids in the class, kids are getting extra treats almost every week at school!  Passing out treats is one more time (20 more times) kids with allergies are ‘different’ and can’t partake in the celebration.  A few years ago my school banned treats and I’m all for it!  Still want to do something at school? Have your child pick out a new book for the classroom.  Or talk to the teacher about how they mark this special occasion.  There are lots of ways to make each child feel special without treats involved! 

Anything you would add to this list?

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League of Moms / 07/15/2019

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